Mechanism for articulated seats

Dispositif de siège articulé


The invention is an innovative mechanism for articulated seats in the field of medical and/or comfort furniture.  

The device  allows the user to modify the posture of the seat or of the bed by a simple, robust, fully manual mechanism It can be applied to many types of furniture. 


Mechanism for articulated seats

Competitive advantage and stage of development:

Unlike other existing technologies, the invention makes it possible to generate movement without using a motor or complex equipment. The design and assembly of the mechanism are simple, which gives it great robustness for a reduced manufacturing cost.  

This technology is protected by a patent application pending in several countries in Europe. 


Our offer:

Implementation of a patent licensing agreement giving exclusive rights to manufacture and commercialize the device in the countries where the patent is pending. 


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Dispositif de siège articulé
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