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To estimate the value of a domain name

Having a website is now essential for any firm to be visible, grow and increase notoriety. Indeed, in addition to being an important source of information for customers and a catalogue of the products and services it offers, the website helps to build a direct relationship with customers and to benefit from a better visibility. It is now the real showcase of your company. The domain name is thus a distinctive sign as such.


Mostly associated with a brand, the domain name is for the company a positioning and identification tool when you search on the Internet for example.


With all the new types of extension available, the choice of a domain name of high quality is even more important, as critical as the choice of a brand. For example, it is now possible to create geographical extensions or extensions containing a brand name. Yet, some extensions or keywords are more popular than others and bring value to the companies that hold them.


We can value domain names just as we do for a trademark or a patent.


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In which cases should a company value its domain name?

It is useful to know the value of a domain name, particularly in these cases:

  • When it is brought to the assets of the company;
  • When an existing domain name is bought or sold;
  • When the company reviews its assets before raising funds or being sold.


Which are the main items taken into account by Brandon when carrying a valuation study?

Our experts analyze several criteria, including:

  • The legal aspects;
  • The targeted markets;
  • An estimation of the economic and financial parameters relating to the website activity;
  • The associated risks.


These items are taken into account and analyzed following a method developed by Brandon Valorisation, ValofinTM, so as to reach the fair value of your domain name.

In order to validate the quality of your domain name, we work closely, throughout the study, with Brandon IP, patent and trademark attorneys. These experts are able to assess your protection strategy and all its legal aspects and advise you on the better approach to secure your IP rights.


Our conclusions, with figures and recommendations, are delivered to you during a dedicated meeting in which the full report of the study is provided. This study can then be used and presented during your negotiations.



Our financial valuation studies of intangible assets (domain names among others) include the participation of our consultants to the presentation of the report to a contribution auditor.

For these valuation studies, our office uses a method widely recognized by the various actors in the field of innovation. We are also proud to have a 100% success rate on these services. Indeed, to this day, none of the studies conducted by Brandon Valorisation has been rejected by the auditors, who are appointed by our clients.

Some studies conducted by our teams have reached values of several tens of million Euros.


Brandon Valorisation has developed a financial valuation method for intellectual property rights which is adaptable to your specific needs. For more information, please consult our dedicated pages:

N.B. If necessary, prior to launching a financial valuation study, we suggest you to perform a diagnosis adapted to the subject of the study: this is Valo’Diag.


The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial valuation of intangible assets, in France and abroad.


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Financial valuation study

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