Diversification of activities

Become owners of operating rights on innovative technologies to diversify your activities.


Frequently, subcontractor SMEs/SMIs, often “mono-product”, struggle to maintain their activity when confronted to more competitive competitors.

These companies need to diversify their activities, but in most cases, they cannot afford to make the necessary investments in research and development.

To respond to this situation, we have developed a service based on a proprietary method for the acquisition of licenses for the exploitation of patented innovative products or processes.


Called upon by a local Chamber of Commerce in search of solutions for nearly 400 SMEs/SMIs and 3 key accounts with reduced activity, we proposed the way for innovation by the acquisition of inhouse products. It was the birth of our SeqvanaTM method.

With our partner Brandon IP, intellectual property attorneys, we assist enterprises for the valuation and integration of high quality patents well suited to the company size, its know-how and its human and industrial means.


We assist you from the diagnosis, the definition of sectors of activity and patent choice up to the negotiation of the license agreement.


This customized service responds to the strategy of companies that need to:

  • Free themselves from dependency on major clients
  • Strengthen their activity by a better exploitation of their know-how
  • Enhance an existing product and increase its value by including patented features
  • Respond to a situation of strong competition


Our patents offers : a section where you’ll find some of our clients and partners’ patents open to license.


Use our services to:

  • Enter a new market using your experience
  • Position yourself in a situation of exclusivity on a market
  • Get financial leverage by valuing your intangible assets
  • Enhance your business and make it sustainable


This method is also applied for the search for an existing trademark (license or acquisition).


Case-study: diversification of activities in the field of mechanical processing


Our missions are covered by Professional Civil Indemnity insurance.


The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial valorization.


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