Diversification of activities

Diversification des activités


Diversify your business by acquiring the rights to exploit innovative patented technologies.

SMEs are often subcontractors or rely on a single line of products and may find it difficult to maintain their level of activity to deal with foreign competitors, generally very aggressive and competitive.


In order to respond to this situation endured by these companies, Brandon Valorisation has developed the Seqvana™ method, which allows them to diversify their activities by using the production capacity and the know-how they already have.


This proprietary method is based on the acquisition of licenses on patented innovative products. Indeed, the SMEs sometimes do not have enough human and financial resources to develop their own innovative products. This method allows them to diversify their activities by taking operating licenses of new products they can exploit on exclusive terms.


These companies are looking for solutions to maintain and develop themselves.


The relocation of certain industrial activities is an opportunity that must be grasped!


Encouraged and supported by many governments since the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the redeployment of activities should spur industrial SMEs to take advantage of this situation to integrate innovations that correspond to their know-how and their production tools.


The Brandon Group, Innovation Consultants, puts its experience at the service of companies to support them in their development strategy through innovation.

Diversification of activities

The origin of our method:

One day, Brandon Valorisation was called on by a regional Chamber of Commerce in search of solutions for the preservation of the activity of its employment pool made up of approximately 400 small subcontractors of 3 major regional companies.

In response to this delicate situation, we have proposed an original path for the revitalization of this employment area: “innovation through the acquisition of licenses for a specific product”. This was the birth of our SeqvanaTM Method.

Applied to several industrial companies in the region, we have broadened, adapted and perfected the content of our method to precisely meet their needs.

Thus, we support SMEs, with the help of our partner Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, to assess and integrate quality patents in line with the know-how, human and industrial resources and the size of the company.


From the diagnosis to the negotiation and conclusion of the operating contract with the patent holder, including the choice of business sectors and patents, we are at your side to advise you and support you in the establishment of a balanced partnership agreement.


This customized service responds to your need is you wish to:

  • Free yourself from dependency on major clients
  • Strengthen and sustain your activity by a better exploitation of your know-how,
  • Improve an existing product and increase its value by including patented features,
  • Respond to a situation of strong competition.


Our patent offers

Brandon Valorisation offers a dedicated section on its website where you can find patents open to license. If any of them seem relevant to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need to fully understand the technology and put you in contact with its owner.

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Why choose Brandon Valorisation?

Choose us as your partner to take advantage of the policy to encourage the relocation of industrial activities, this fostered and partly financed by the regions and:

  • Enter a new market using your experience and your human means,
  • Position your company in a situation of exclusivity on a market,
  • Maintain your know-how,
  • Valuate the intangible assets of your company,
  • Make your business sustainable,
  • Create jobs.


This method is also applied for the search for an existing trademark license.


Case-study: diversification of activities in the field of mechanical processing


For information, our missions are covered by Professional Civil Indemnity insurance.

The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines intellectual property and economic and financial valorization at the service of innovative businesses.


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Diversification of activities
Diversification of activities

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