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Maximize your R&D investments in intellectual property by licensing your patents, trademarks and software.

Are you a start-up, an SME, a project leader or a research center? Do you own one or more patents, designs, trademarks or software? Do you want to capitalize on them? Brandon Valorisation can meet your needs.

An IP right confers a monopoly which lasts a certain time (up to 20 years for a patent for example subject to renewal). This is a real competitive advantage on a constantly evolving market.


In order to fully benefit from it, you can decide to license out your patent, trademark or software (that is to give someone else the right to use it in exchange for financial compensation), or assign its rights (that is to sell it).

We then talk about technology transfer.

For more details about intellectual property, licenses and sales of rights.


LeonardTM is a service based on a proprietary method for support in finding licensees or buyers for your patented technologies in France and internationally.

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The main targets of this service:

  • To capitalize on your investments in research and development (R&D)
  • To conquer new markets
  • To develop your business
  • To add value to the company

After having defined with you the strategy to adopt, Brandon Valorisation identifies the companies to approach. Then, they contact these companies in order to introduce your innovation and the terms of transfer. Brandon Valorisation also assists you in the negotiations and drafting the agreement.


Case-study: innovative device in the environment field


Before negotiating, Brandon Valorisation can help you to estimate the value of your patent, your software or your trademark. Find out more about financial valuation studies.


Why choose Brandon Valorisation to conduct your search for a licensee?

Our firm is guided by over 30 years of experience in supporting business leaders in their innovation project. Our team of consultants cultivates the values of the firm: listening and rigor. These are the qualities appreciated by our customers and partners.

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A network: thanks to our associated partner, Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Brandon Valorisation has an international network of peer experts who assist us in identifying companies that may be interested in exploiting under license your product, process or brand.


Confidentiality: Brandon Valorisation is committed to keeping confidential all information received from its customer, If not public on the day of transmission.


Insurance: Brandon Valorisation services are covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance.



The Brandon Group serves start-ups, innovative companies, and project leaders.

It is a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial development.


Do not hesitate to compare our offers!

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