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Michel Lévy


Founder of the firm. With his industrial background, Michel provides his expertise in the strategy of valorization and exploitation of innovation in France and internationally.

He advises our clients in the definition of both economic and financial development strategies through innovation.

Michel is also in charge of negotiations for the transfer of technology, licensing and financial and industrial backing entrusted to the firm. He intervenes upstream and downstream in the assessment and financial valuation of intangible assets.


Anne Lévy


Graduate of a leading business school, Anne is also a graduate in industrial property law and of the CEIPI (International Center for Intellectual Property Studies).

With expertise in both valuation of innovation and in intellectual property, Anne is in charge of missions to search for licensees, industrial and financial backing, with international specialization and a focus on contractual and legal issues related to IP.

Anne also provides her expertise in the out of court or judicial settlement of disputes related to intellectual property law.


Bertrand Cahuzac


Bertrand graduated from Mines ParisTech and holds a Ph.D. from University Paris-Sud. He has worked on numerous innovation projects for a leading group in technological consulting and outsourced R&D.

He has taken part in the founding of a consulting firm focusing on innovation leveraged by IP and later managed the R&D of a small biotech company.

Bertrand has joined our firm as a senior consultant. He works mainly on the financial valuation of intangible assets and Flash studies. He is also active in identifying partners (for licensing or backing) for clients such as startups, research labs and larger companies.


Aurore Suzanne


Holder of a Master 2 in marketing from the IAE in Rouen, Aurore began her career as a researcher in a consulting firm for banks and insurance companies.

She has carried out data collection and analysis missions mainly in the field of health and personal services.

Aurore works as a project manager in the economic development of innovation. She contributes in particular to carrying out market researches and works in the identification and search for partners in France and internationally on behalf of innovative companies.

Aurore is also involved in the Group’s communication strategy.


Emeline Brungard


Emeline is a qualified consultant in corporate finance. With a master’s degree in financial engineering from IAE Nice and a bachelor’s degree in business development, her career began in the retail banking sector, but she quickly joined a consulting firm specializing in financing business innovation.

Emeline brings her experience in advising and supporting companies, particularly SMEs and start-ups, in their search for finance. As a qualified consultant with our firm, Emeline will be strengthening our skills with a global approach to valuation, covering financial, extra-financial and strategic aspects.

Her integrated view of valuation combines solid financial expertise with an in-depth understanding of non-financial elements, enabling a holistic approach aimed at optimising the value of companies as part of their growth strategy.


Joëlle Allouche


Joëlle, with her legal training, is in charge of the administrative, legal and financial management of the firm.

She is also involved in studies concerning the financial valuation of intangible assets (trademarks, models) and operating rights such as licenses.


Gilbert Lamory

Consultant in the strategy and organization of SMEs, Gilbert provides his expertise in missions focused on the management of continuous improvement.

He is involved in missions to support businesses in the implementation of a strategy focused on product innovation and new associated services, with a particular emphasis on solutions for disabled persons.

Gilbert makes a contribution to missions regarding the conversion of industrial employment areas, using innovation as a leverage.

Gilles also contributes to the search for funding dedicated to SMEs to help them diversify their activities through innovation, following the methods of Brandon Valorisation.

Our network partners and Experts:

Dominique Delmas

A graduate in pharmacy and MBA, Dominique is involved in missions concerning health and médical devices areas.

Thanks to her strong experience as a mediator between technological innovation and health actors, Dominique provides support for some missions related to regulatory, preclinical and clinical matters.

She makes her contribution to financial due diligence of start-up, innovating SMEs and technological clusters, and to engineering missions in France and abroad, Dominique is also involved in collaborative projects entrusted to BRANDON VALORISATION.

Thierry d’Andigné

Thierry graduated from a major business school (finance and social law), training continued through an Executive Management diploma from INSEAD.

After a 30 years career in the field of cosmetics, Thierry launched its consultancy firm to support project owners and startups from the cosmetic sector in their strategic and financial development.

Pierre Goffinet

Pierre Goffinet is a Doctor of physical chemistry and a graduate of the I.A.E. NANCY.

After a career in research and innovation management in major industrial groups (P & G, Henkel, etc.), Dr. Goffinet now acts as an independent consultant. He contributed to 52 patents in applied research.

As a member of various scientific committees and expert in quality for the CIR (French research tax credit), Pierre acts as Senior Consultant within missions to support the implementation of strategies for the protection, development and exploitation of innovative projects.

Ursula Teubert

As a mechanical engineer in various areas of the industry, Ursula has been operating for 15 years in France and Germany. In 2012, she decided to complete her education with an MBA at INSEAD.  Through her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the German industrial sector, she efficiently contributes to the implementation of technological and commercial partnerships for French companies wishing to expand internationally and particularly in Germany.


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The team
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