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Estimate the value of your company, your patents, know-how, trademarks, software, domain names or website.

You are wondering:

  • How to valuate a patent or patent application?
  • At which price should a license agreement, patent, trademark, domain name or software be sold?
  • Can the financial valuation of my patent, my trademark or my software increase my company’s equity?
  • Why, when, how and with whom to determine the value of my business?
  • How to assess the value of my intangible assets?
  • Should I be supported in the financial valuation of my intangible assets and by whom?
  • How to anticipate a fundraising?


Brandon Valorisation has developed an original method which enables to value a patent, value a trademark, value a software, a domain name, a website or know-how.

These valuation studies are used to:

  • Under certain conditions, contribute a valued patent or other intangible asset to the capital of a company in order to increase its core capital and reduce the risk of dilution.
  • Prepare a negotiation for a capital opening: fundraising operation, merger or business transfer.

Patents and their associated know-how, software, trademarks, drawings, designs, website, domain names etc. all are valuable intangible assets. They increase the financial value of a company.

To do so, we assess:

  • The intellectual property right, with our partner Brandon IP, Industrial Property Attorneys
  • The market and the areas of application of the IP right
  • The economic parameters related to the patent (or trademark, software)
  • The prospects of revenue from its exploitation


Using this information, we can draw up the financial value of your intangible asset, prepare a report and issue useful recommendations.

The financial valuation study of an intellectual property right is only valid with the intervention of a patent attorney who engages its responsibility in his evaluation report.


The financial valuation of any asset (patent, brand, software, etc.) is an essential part of any strategy based on the innovative project. In addition to an increase in value, it allows to adapt the business strategy in accordance with the market and the potential of the appraised asset.


Even if the entrepreneur or project leader knows his market, the financial valuation of an intangible asset cannot be carried out by himself, otherwise it would be considered overestimated and therefore suspicious to investors.

The financial valuation study requires the intervention of a truly independent and referenced expert such as Brandon Valorisation.

For these valuation studies, our firm uses a proprietary method widely recognized by players of the innovation world, financers and contribution auditors. We are proud to have a 100% success rate on these services. Indeed, none of the studies presented by Brandon Valorisation has been challenged by the auditors.


In some cases, the values defined by our teams have reached tens of millions of Euros.

“Investing in intellectual property without thinking of valuation at the same time is creating a cost center with no prospect of profitability”

Michel Levy, President of Brandon Valorisation

Brandon Valorisation also carries out valuation study of start-ups and innovative SMEs. For more information: company valuations.


Case-study: Innovative process in the field of cosmetic industry


Our firm’s services are covered by a Professional Civil Indemnity insurance.

Brandon Valorisation has developed a financial valuation method for intellectual property rights which is adaptable to your specific needs. For more information, please consult our dedicated pages:

The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial valuation of intangible assets.


In other words, it is the association and defense of intellectual property rights and its essential complement: “the creation of value with business”!


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