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Financial valuation study

Determine the objective value of your business or company project

Whatever the size of your company, start-up, SME, etc., you may have to wonder about its value sooner or later. It is often necessary to carry out the valuation of your company, for example during a fundraising, opening up of capital, or the acquisition or transfer of the business.


In these different situations, the estimation of the value of the company, carried out by a specialized firm, provides an undisputed objective value on which to rely during negotiations with potential partners.


But, if accounting experts consider in most cases the valuation of a company at its value mentioned in the balance sheet, we at Brandon believe that the valuation of a company must include the intangible assets that it holds such as patents, know-how, brands, software, etc. Otherwise, the valuation is incomplete, and it is a disadvantage for the company owners.


Discover below how Brandon Valorisation can assist you in the estimation of your company.


Why estimate the financial value of your business?

There are several cases that can lead you to have your company valued, including:

  • When a fundraising is planned;
  • When talking about an acquisition or transfer of business;
  • At the moment of a merger between two companies;
  • Etc.


To estimate the value of your business, we assess several elements including:

  • The market in which the company is positioned;
  • The state of competition;
  • The state of its intangible assets, with our partner Brandon IP, patent and trademark attorneys.
  • The assets taken into the balance sheet of the company;
  • Etc.


Our experts compile and analyze the data that we take into account according to the original methods developed by Brandon Valorisation: ValoFin, ValoFlash or Valo’Up, in order to arrive at a precise, objective and reliable estimate of your business.


The execution and progress of the mission is the subject of intermediary progress reports which allow you to follow the evolution of our work and to add any comments and questions regarding our procedures.

At the end of the assignment, we organize a meeting during which we present the final report of the study, comprising our conclusions and recommendations.

Depending on the case and your needs, this study may be presented to a contribution auditor or to a partner of your choice.


Why call on a firm like Brandon Valorisation for the estimation of your company?

To estimate the value of your business, Brandon Valorisation uses a method widely recognized and appreciated by players in the world of innovation. Our firm is proud to have a 100% success rate on the acceptance of our conclusions in our different studies. Indeed, none of the valuation reports that we presented were challenged by the auditors who had to analyze them.


In some cases, the technological projects valued by our consultants have reached a value of several tens of million Euros.


Note: We also propose, if necessary, and before launching a financial valuation study, to make a diagnosis with Valo’Diag, in order to identify your needs and offer a service tailored to you.


Why choose Brandon Valorisation to estimate the value of your business?

Our firm is guided by over 30 years of experience in supporting business leaders in their innovation project. Our team of consultants cultivates the values of the firm: listening and rigor.


A network: Thanks to our associated partner, Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Brandon Valorisation has an international network of peer experts who assists us in identifying companies that may be interested in partnering with an innovative company.


Confidentiality: Brandon Valorisation is committed to keeping confidential all information received from its customers, if not public on the day of transmission.


Insurance: Brandon Valorisation’s services are covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance.


The Brandon Group serves start-ups, innovative companies and project leaders.

It is a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial development.


Do you want to estimate the value of your company?

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Brandon Valorisation offers a wide range of services for the valuation of your intangible assets, which meet your exact needs.


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Financial valuation study

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