Financial valuation study

An original method designed for you!

Valo’up allows you to obtain a first objective assessment of the value of your innovations or of your company in view of the entry of an investor (capital contribution) or a fundraising. This service answers the budgetary and deadline constraints experienced by most start-ups and young business founders.


This is a service providing an unbiased financial estimate of your innovations in the prospect of an entry of investors.

Valo’up meets the budgetary and time constraints that startups and SMEs are facing.

Why to choose Valo’up?

  • You need to know how much your patent, software or trademark is worth for a capital contribution, or to know the value of your company before a fundraising;
  • The business model for the exploitation of your invention is well defined and fairly classic;
  • You already have gathered details about the market and you have a business plan;
  • The operating territory for your innovation is limited to a single country (in the short term);
  • You need a financial assessment

Content of the study:

Based on the information you provide us, and additional research carried out by our teams, we assess, among other things:

  • The state of your intellectual property, with Brandon IP, our partner, patent and trademark attorneys;
  • The market and the main competitors;
  • Current and future development costs and income related to the exploitation of your patent, software, trademark, etc.


The deliverable we give you at the end of the study is a basis for the intervention of a contribution auditor. We can support you in this process!


We are at your disposal to answer your questions and, in case of doubt, to carry out a Valuation diagnosis with our method Valo’Diag.


Our firm’s services are covered by a Professional Civil Indemnity insurance.

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Brandon Valorisation offers a wide range of services for the valuation of your intangible assets which is adaptable to your specific needs. For more information, please consult our dedicated pages:

The Brandon Group is the protection of your innovation with intellectual property and its essential complement: the economic and financial valuation of your intellectual property.

Financial valuation study

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