Know-how financial valuation

Estimate the value of your skills and methods.

The know-how is a set of technical skills and/or special knowledge acquired through experience in a specific area.

In the medical sector, for example, it may be a precise surgeon’s act; in an industrial company, it may be a particular organization and knowledge in the conception, production, customer service etc.


These skills are confidential. They are an important asset and provide the company with a competitive advantage, even if they are not intellectual property rights.


Even if they could not be patented, or if it is sometimes better not to mention them in a patent, these skills are valuable intangible assets!

Know how financial valuation_Brandon Valorisation

Why should we measure the value of know-how?

The know-how held by a company increases its value. It is recommended to do a financial valuation study in the following cases:

  • Preparation of a fundraising;
  • Merger between companies;
  • Transfer or acquisition of a company;
  • Licensing
  • When looking for a partner to establish a joint venture.


What are the items evaluated in a valuation study?

Brandon Valorisation’s study relies on several parameters such as:

  • The market of the company;
  • Its industrial means of production;
  • The business strategy in the medium term;
  • Its growth prospects.


These data are taken into account and processed using our proprietary method ValoFin and enable us to determine the value of the know-how.


The analysis, conclusions and possible recommendations are contained in the report which is presented to the company’s managers during a dedicated meeting.


Brandon Valorisation has developed a financial valuation method for intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, software, domain names, know-how, etc., which is adaptable to your specific needs. For more information, please consult our dedicated pages:


The Brandon Group has a unique offer on the market combining industrial property with economic and financial valorization.


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