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New: Brandon Valorisation innovates with the “packaged offers”.


Are you the leader of an innovative company, a start-up, an SME with one or more patents, software, know-how or trademarks? Are you looking for the industrial and financial means necessary to strengthen the financial structure of your company, optimize its performance and enter new markets?

Thanks to these packaged offers, the Brandon Group now provides increased and tailor-made support to accelerate the development of your business.

Whether you are looking for the economic and financial valuation of your innovations or your company, the packaged offers meet your strategic requirements by combining different services in a single mission.

Constantly listening to our clients, Brandon Valorisation, Innovation Consulting, and Brandon IP, intellectual property attorneys, offer you these new and exclusive offers.


Why packaging offers?

We know that the deadlines for carrying out these preliminary stages are strategic, that is why we have developed these new offers in order to reduce the cost and accelerate the process.

The packaged offers allow us to provide the best support to our customers, adapted to their needs. They offer you the possibility, depending on your situation, of bringing together several services in a single pack, taking advantage of reduced prices and shorter deadlines.

Packaged offers allow, for example, to simultaneously protect your inventions and carry out the search for an industrial partner. You may also benefit from our advice to best adapt your business model and your business plan, resulting in a relevant financial valuation on a higher basis. This will help during your fundraising.

The Brandon Group’s packaged offers also provide the possibility of being assisted by Brandon IP in your protection strategy and in the selection of countries in which to protect your inventions before carrying out a valuation study or searching for a licensee.


We are open to the comments of our customers, prior to the creation of their company, that is why our personalized services match their expectations.

In some cases, our early intervention allows to strengthen the equity capital of your company, and thus to enhance access to future financing, at a level based on the company’s equity.

Whether we talk about economic valuation, financial valuation or intellectual property, the Brandon Group mobilizes experienced consultants to define and implement the best strategy for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we define together the best way to meet your needs.


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Our profession: the economic and financial valuation of innovation and innovative companies for more than 30 years. To date, we have supported more than 350 companies, mainly startups and SMEs, in the economic and financial valuation of their company and their intangible assets. We are also qualified for the research and implementation of licensing agreements in France and abroad. Our methods have been developed based on our clients’ needs and supplemented by our experience. The result: differentiated offers and a tailored support.

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Do you want to value your company before a fundraising or a capital opening? Do you have questions about the best strategy to adopt before you start? Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your issues.


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Our packaged offers

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