Valuation diagnosis

Financial valuation study

Assess the opportunity to carry out a valuation of your company, trademark or software.

Brandon Valorisation continues to innovate


It is to meet the expectations of start-ups and other innovative companies that we offer our new service “Valo’diag”.


Are you wondering about the opportunity to evaluate your company, patent, trademark or software?

This service will allow you to assess the relevance and useful arguments in order to carry out a financial valuation study.

In view of a fundraising, the valuation diagnosis makes it possible to measure the maturity of your project on the basis of the main characteristic of the company.


Among the elements taken into account in this study, we consider:

  • The type of business,
  • Its short and medium-term project,
  • Technical content,
  • The strategy of the manager,
  • Etc.


The deliverable of the mission is a brief report (3 to 4 pages) based on the information analyzed during the study. It will take into account the oral information collected during the discussions with the company manager. We will thus be able to conclude by the decision to go on a financial valuation study or not.

This report will be accompanied with our recommendations and the diagnosis will designate the most adequate method to use (ValoFlash, ValoFin…).

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The Brandon Group, a unique offer that combines intellectual property and economic and financial valuation, in France and abroad.


The Brandon Group is the protection of your innovations through intellectual property with its essential complement, the economic and financial valuation of intangible assets.


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Valuation diagnosis
Valuation diagnosis

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