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Ateliers Pépitetm and Valuation sessions

Raising the awareness of SMEs, researchers or students on the protection and valuation of intellectual property

Ateliers PépiteTM

Brandon Valorisation developed the Ateliers PépiteTM in order to make young entrepreneurs, incubators and engineering school students aware of the processes of innovation protection and valuation.

These workshops present the various ways of economic and financial valuation as well as how to protect innovation.

The goal is to inform them about the strategies to benefit from their creations (patent, trademark, software, etc.) and encourage their development.

Here are some examples of questions being addressed by the Ateliers PépiteTM:

  • How does the IP valuation serve the valuation of your company?
  • What benefits will a licensing bring? When to use this strategy?
  • Why acquire new patents?
  • What are the objectives and main characteristics of a financial valuation study?

Our partner, Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark attorneys, collaborates with us about protection topics such as: what to protect and how? What are the filing requirements? How long does it take? How much does it cost?

After the Q&A session, we propose face to face interviews, under confidentiality.

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Valuation sessions

Each session usually lasts half a day. They enable entrepreneurs and project holders to meet individually with our consultants who reply to their questions.

The covered issues are financial valuation, the implementation of a licensing agreement, industrial and financial partnerships (backing), the diversification of activities, etc.

Who are these sessions for?

They are intended to start-ups, SMEs, incubators, competitiveness centers and other clusters that wish to inform their members about protection and valuation of intellectual property and know-how.


The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial valorization. 


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