Valuation sessions and awareness Workshops

Raising the awareness of SMEs, researchers or students on the protection and valuation of intellectual property

Ateliers PépiteTM and Valuation sessions

The Ateliers PépiteTM to educate students and business incubators

In these workshops, we present the different methods of economic and financial valuation of innovation. The aim is to make participants aware of the strategies that make it possible to benefit from their creations (patents, trademarks, software, etc.) and to place innovation at the center of their development.

Depending on the case, our partner Brandon IP intervenes on intellectual property issues such as: what to protect and how, the main registration procedures, how much it costs and in what time frame.

After a time reserved for questions / answers, our consultants propose individual meetings.

Valuation sessions

A half-day during which we receive entrepreneurs, individually and by appointment, to answer their questions.

The topics covered concern the implementation of industrial and financial partnerships, the diversification of activities, the search for licensees, financial valuation, etc.

For who ?

These sessions are intended for SMEs, start-ups, members of competitiveness clusters, incubators and CRCIs

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