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Valorisez votre société
29 March 2023

The 10 reasons for a business valuation

Several periods in the life of your company may require knowing its real value. We reveal in this article the 10 reasons to value your company.

29 March 2023

Focus on… Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, the famous illusionist and inventor

Discover the life of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, sometimes called "the father of modern magic".

Le brevet insolite du mois : l'appareil pour obtenir des aveux
28 March 2023

Absurd patent of the month: an apparatus for obtaining criminal confessions

Yet another gem this month with this scary US patent.

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21 March 2023

New: Brandon’s packaged offers

Brandon Valorisation innovates and launches the packaged offers. It is the possibility for start-ups, SMEs and other companies to mix all the firm’s services. How […]

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26 January 2023

A look back on our year 2022

A new year has started. It is an opportunity for us to take stock of 2022 and the developments of the Brandon Group.

25 January 2023

The most remarkable innovations of 2022

Discover here some innovations we heard about in 2022 and considered particularly outstanding.

Le dispositif sanitaire pour oiseaux
25 January 2023

Absurd patent of the month: sanitary appliance for birds

This month, we hope to entertain you (again) with a new patent application probably aimed at “helping” our friends the animals, or rather their owner.

23 November 2022

Global Innovation Index 2022: Switzerland still in the lead

According to the Global Innovation Index 2022 published by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Switzerland is again the most innovative country around the world. […]

22 November 2022

Alfred Nobel, an inventor behind the eponymous prize

Everyone knows or has heard of the Nobel Prizes awarded each year to different scientists, writers and personalities. But few of us really know who […]

Le brevet insolite du mois : le vibrateur de sapin de Noël (US2522906)
21 November 2022

The weird (and nonetheless absolutely authentic) patent of the month: “Christmas tree vibrator”

At last, it is Christmas season again, and it is of course customary to decorate the interior space with a nice Christmas tree, hang baubles […]

2022 Intellectual Property SME scoreboard
18 November 2022

SME Scoreboard: only 10% of them own intellectual property rights

According to the European Observatory of EUIPO (the European Union Intellectual Property Office), only 10% of European SMEs declare that they own intellectual property rights. […]

Logo Bletry
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21 October 2022

Almost 20 years…

Having took over the head of our partner Office BLETRY in 2003, Anne and Michel Lévy have endeavored to maintain and promote the notoriety of this IP law firm created in 1866 by the Blétry Brothers.

De l'importance de la valorisation financière pour obtenir des financements
6 October 2022

The importance of financial valuation to obtain funds

Estimate the value of your business is an essential step before any funding request.

Le vélo à rames de Louis S. Burbank
26 September 2022

Absurd patent of the month: the rowing bicycle (1900)

Discover the absurd patent of the month, patented in 1900: the rowing bike

Modélisation financière de business plan
At home
22 September 2022

Our new service offer: financial modeling of business plan

In order to offer a broader support to our clients in all stages of their innovative business project, Brandon Valorisation is launching a new service: financial modeling of business plan.

NCLI Conseils
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19 September 2022

A new partnership with NCLI Conseil

The Brandon Group is pleased to announce its partnership with NCLI Conseil, a specialist in consulting and financial support for businesses.

Le casque-serre respirant
28 June 2022

Absurd patent of the month: the breathing greenhouse helmet

Many of you reacted very positively to our last article about absurd and quirky patents. We understand that you like these discoveries. That is why […]

27 June 2022

Ukrainian crisis: innovation, a growth leverage?

Could innovation come to support companies and help them get out of the crisis?

Bpifrance et Groupe Brandon
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8 June 2022

Intellectual Property Strategy Early Assessment- Bpifrance

Brandon IP has been selected by Bpifrance as an expert for the early assessment of intellectual property strategy and valuation of intangible assets.

Brandon Valorisation se développe à l'international
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25 May 2022

Brandon Valorisation is expanding internationally

It is thanks to the expertise of our team and the quality of our interventions that our activities are also expanding internationally.

23 March 2022

The countries with the largest proportion of women cited as inventors

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. On this occasion, we examined this month the countries with the largest proportion of women […]

22 March 2022

Absurd or quirky patents: Brandon’s selection

Brandon’s team has selected a some patents found to be funny. Enjoy the discoveries!

L'équipe s'agrandit
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18 March 2022

Our team is growing

Brandon valorisation is glad to welcome Imen SNOUSSI, PhD in Finance, as an innovation’ valuation advisor. With her financial field experience, Imen is being to […]

La Bouche Rouge
Our client's place
15 March 2022

La Bouche Rouge raises 10 million euros

La Bouche Rouge, the first eco-responsible French make-up house, continues to grow!  We have already talked about La Bouche Rouge in another article, this luxury […]

27 January 2022

The inventions imagined for the space exploration that we find in our daily lives

In this article, Brandon Valorisation presents some inventions you probably use, but they were originally developed for space exploration. We wish you a nice discovery!

26 January 2022

The best innovations of the year 2021

Discover our selection of innovations in 2021.

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20 January 2022

Our partnership with OL&DI

OL&DI Consulting is an innovation financing consulting firm which supports companies (start-up, SMEs, etc.) in their process to identify, structure, optimize and strengthen the strategy […]

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19 January 2022

Euleos & the Brandon Group: tell us about your projects!

Do you have questions about the development and the sustainability of your company?    The Brandon Group & Euleos enter a collaborative and innovative partnership […]

Innovations dans le handisport
15 November 2021

Innovations in parasports

Brandon Valorisation has decided to dedicate this month an article on innovations aimed at facilitating and promoting the practice of sport for disabled people.

At home
12 November 2021

A mediator within the Brandon Group!

After an additional training at the Paris Catholic Institute, Anne Levy, Patent & Trademark Attorney and President of Brandon IP, obtained this year a University […]

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10 November 2021

Due diligence: a useful tool during a company takeover

The purpose of due diligence, or prior audit, is to carry out any checks required by the buyer to ensure the company’s health.

Patrimoine et entreprise : l'apport en jouissance
At home
12 October 2021

Did you know? The contribution in possession is rarely used, however, it is worth looking at it!

By Vincent Fayon, chartered accountant and contributions auditor at SCOREX, and Michel Lévy, partner at Brandon Group.

Les entreprises tournées vers l'innovation malgré la crise
29 June 2021

Companies still focused on innovation despite the crisis

According to a survey of 480 French, British and Spanish companies, the CEOs want to continue their investment in innovation and R&D despite the coronavirus […]

Notre sélection d'innovations pour l'été 2021
25 June 2021

Our selection of innovations for the summer 2021

Discover Brandon Valorisation’s selection of innovations for the summer 2021.

Image innovation nature - Brandon Valorisation
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22 June 2021

Innovation Consulting

Brandon Valorisation is a pioneer and innovator in the field of Innovation Consulting.

Quel rapport entre la propriété intellectuelle et les procédures collectives-BRANDON VALORISATION conseils en innovation Paris France
At home
7 June 2021

What is the relationship between intellectual property and collective proceeding?

By Michel Lévy, President of Brandon Valorisation.

Le processus d'innovation
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26 May 2021

Economic intelligence, industrial property strategy and valuation

In recent weeks, we have exposed various strategies for innovation valuation that can be carried out independently or in a complementary manner within a company. […]

Le jet d'eau du lac à Genève
24 May 2021

Focus on Switzerland, the most innovative country in the world

According to WIPO's Global Innovation Index, Switzerland leads the most innovative countries 2020 ranking.

Pourquoi valoriser vos titres de PI-BRANDON VALORISATION conseil en innovation Paris France
At home
21 May 2021

Why value your industrial property titles?

Patents and trademarks are assets that can be evaluated   Industrial property is used to protect inventions or distinctive signs in order to ensure an […]

La propriété intellectuelle concerne-t-elle les PME et les startup-BRANDON VALORISATION conseil en innovation a Paris
19 May 2021

Does intellectual property apply to SME and start-ups?

By Anne Lévy, Patent & Trademark Attorney

Développement collaboratif de produits et services-Mieux innover grace au partenariat-Brandon Valorisation conseil en innovation Paris
14 May 2021

Collaborative development of products and services: innovate better thanks to partnerships

A few weeks ago, Brandon Valorisation explained in an article how an SME could diversify its activity by licensing innovative products. This month, we emphasize […]

La valorisation d'un brevet a la carte-BRANDON VALORISATION-conseils en innovation et valorisation financière Paris France
At home
30 April 2021

Patent (or IP title) valuation « à la carte ».

Optimize your patent valuation strategy with a staged process.

Chez nos clients
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14 April 2021

Diversification of activities by integrating new products, a way of survival and development for subcontracting SMEs

A landmark case: Brandon Valorisation was approached by a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) confronted to insufficient activity in the small and medium […]

Valorisation des savoir faire
At home
28 March 2021

Why estimate the value of intangible assets?

By Michel Lévy, President of Brandon Valorisation.

Image de Margaret Hamilton
26 March 2021

Margaret Hamilton, the woman who gave the moon to Mankind.

Very few of us may know that a woman, Margaret Hamilton, has played a decisive role in the adventure that led a man to make his “one small step” on the Moon in 1969. We make here her portrait.

Ingenierie de projets-Brandon Valorisation-valorisation de l'innovation à Paris
At home
25 March 2021

A new service: Brandon supports you in project engineering

At the beginning of 2021, our team is offering a new personalized service.

Image de Bordeaux
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24 March 2021

A new installation in Bordeaux for Brandon

The Brandon Group is pleased to announce the creation of a new establishment in Bordeaux (France)!   After the opening of our offices in Orleans […]

Our client's place
23 March 2021

When our customers are getting talked about: iBanr, the innovative digital poster

The story between Serge Djelloul and Brandon Valorisation began in 2018, when this entrepreneur from Amiens, a former professional ice hockey player, contacted us to […]