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Valorisation financière
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30 May 2024

Our services: get an evaluation of your company with Brandon Valorisation

Brandon Valorisation’s teams have been supporting you for over 30 years in the financial valuation of your intangible assets and company valuation.

Décideurs Magazine et Brandon Valorisation
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30 May 2024

Brandon Valorisation ranked by Décideurs Magazine and the rating agency Leaders League!

Brandon Valorisation is happy and proud to announce its inclusion in the 2024 list of Décideurs Magazine, by the rating agency Leaders League.

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28 February 2024

New partnership with ScoreX SAS

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ScoreX SAS, a firm of French chartered accountants, contributions auditor, and auditors.

Image : dream big
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20 February 2024

In our activities: industrial backing

We present here an alternative to fundraising. Brandon Valorisation has been applying this method for many years.

retour sur l'anniversaire de Brandon IP
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20 December 2023

A nice birthday evening with Brandon IP

Our partner, Brandon IP, celebrated his 157th birthday on October 27, at Studio Harcourt, in very good company.

Master Classes
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23 October 2023

Brandon launches the Master Classes!

Discover our free Master Classes to inform you on the protection and valuation of innovations and/or companies:

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20 October 2023

Invited by the EUIPO to talk about financial valuation

Our firm was invited by the EUIPO to participate as an expert in a client panel on the theme of intellectual property valuation.

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4 July 2023

A new partnership with the ESSEC Africa Junior Enterprise

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Junior Consulting Essec Africa (JCEA), a branch of ESSEC Business School. Created by a group of […]

Logo Brandon Rezac
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17 May 2023

The Brandon Group evolves and becomes Brandon Rezac

This is a major development for the Brandon Group: we enter a new partnership with the law firm Rezac Law!

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21 March 2023

New: Brandon’s packaged offers

Brandon Valorisation innovates and launches the packaged offers. It is the possibility for start-ups, SMEs and other companies to mix all the firm’s services. How […]

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26 January 2023

A look back on our year 2022

A new year has started. It is an opportunity for us to take stock of 2022 and the developments of the Brandon Group.

Logo Bletry
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21 October 2022

Almost 20 years…

Having took over the head of our partner Office BLETRY in 2003, Anne and Michel Lévy have endeavored to maintain and promote the notoriety of this IP law firm created in 1866 by the Blétry Brothers.

Modélisation financière de business plan
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22 September 2022

Our new service offer: financial modeling of business plan

In order to offer a broader support to our clients in all stages of their innovative business project, Brandon Valorisation is launching a new service: financial modeling of business plan.

NCLI Conseils
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19 September 2022

A new partnership with NCLI Conseil

The Brandon Group is pleased to announce its partnership with NCLI Conseil, a specialist in consulting and financial support for businesses.

Bpifrance et Groupe Brandon
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8 June 2022

Intellectual Property Strategy Early Assessment- Bpifrance

Brandon IP has been selected by Bpifrance as an expert for the early assessment of intellectual property strategy and valuation of intangible assets.

Brandon Valorisation se développe à l'international
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25 May 2022

Brandon Valorisation is expanding internationally

It is thanks to the expertise of our team and the quality of our interventions that our activities are also expanding internationally.

L'équipe s'agrandit
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18 March 2022

Our team is growing

Brandon valorisation is glad to welcome Imen SNOUSSI, PhD in Finance, as an innovation’ valuation advisor. With her financial field experience, Imen is being to […]

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20 January 2022

Our partnership with OL&DI

OL&DI Consulting is an innovation financing consulting firm which supports companies (start-up, SMEs, etc.) in their process to identify, structure, optimize and strengthen the strategy […]

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19 January 2022

Euleos & the Brandon Group: tell us about your projects!

Do you have questions about the development and the sustainability of your company?    The Brandon Group & Euleos enter a collaborative and innovative partnership […]

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12 November 2021

A mediator within the Brandon Group!

After an additional training at the Paris Catholic Institute, Anne Levy, Patent & Trademark Attorney and President of Brandon IP, obtained this year a University […]

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10 November 2021

Due diligence: a useful tool during a company takeover

The purpose of due diligence, or prior audit, is to carry out any checks required by the buyer to ensure the company’s health.

Patrimoine et entreprise : l'apport en jouissance
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12 October 2021

Did you know? The contribution in possession is rarely used, however, it is worth looking at it!

By Vincent Fayon, chartered accountant and contributions auditor at SCOREX, and Michel Lévy, partner at Brandon Group.

Image innovation nature - Brandon Valorisation
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22 June 2021

Innovation Consulting

Brandon Valorisation is a pioneer and innovator in the field of Innovation Consulting.

Quel rapport entre la propriété intellectuelle et les procédures collectives-BRANDON VALORISATION conseils en innovation Paris France
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7 June 2021

What is the relationship between intellectual property and collective proceeding?

By Michel Lévy, President of Brandon Valorisation.

Le processus d'innovation
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26 May 2021

Economic intelligence, industrial property strategy and valuation

In recent weeks, we have exposed various strategies for innovation valuation that can be carried out independently or in a complementary manner within a company. […]

Pourquoi valoriser vos titres de PI-BRANDON VALORISATION conseil en innovation Paris France
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21 May 2021

Why value your industrial property titles?

Patents and trademarks are assets that can be evaluated   Industrial property is used to protect inventions or distinctive signs in order to ensure an […]

La valorisation d'un brevet a la carte-BRANDON VALORISATION-conseils en innovation et valorisation financière Paris France
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30 April 2021

Patent (or IP title) valuation « à la carte ».

Optimize your patent valuation strategy with a staged process.

Chez nos clients
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14 April 2021

Diversification of activities by integrating new products, a way of survival and development for subcontracting SMEs

A landmark case: Brandon Valorisation was approached by a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) confronted to insufficient activity in the small and medium […]

Valorisation des savoir faire
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28 March 2021

Why estimate the value of intangible assets?

By Michel Lévy, President of Brandon Valorisation.

Ingenierie de projets-Brandon Valorisation-valorisation de l'innovation à Paris
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25 March 2021

A new service: Brandon supports you in project engineering

At the beginning of 2021, our team is offering a new personalized service.

Image de Bordeaux
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24 March 2021

A new installation in Bordeaux for Brandon

The Brandon Group is pleased to announce the creation of a new establishment in Bordeaux (France)!   After the opening of our offices in Orleans […]

Chez nos clients
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18 March 2021

Benchmarking the post-Covid IP firms

We talk about the participation of Anne Levy in the FICPI webinar on March 17, 2021, on the topic: Benchmarking of intellectual property firms in a post-Covid era.

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26 January 2021

A look back on our year 2020

2021 has arrived! It is the occasion to take stock of the year that has just passed.

Thank You
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26 December 2020

Traffic on our website: thank you!

You have been more than 8,000 to visit our website in 2020 and there are more and more new visitors coming every day.   We […]

L'équipe de Brandon Valorisation : Anne Lévy et Michel Lévy
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18 November 2020

Brandon’s birthday: 30 years of collaboration!

In November 2020, Anne and Michel Lévy celebrated the 30th anniversary of their collaboration. It is the opportunity to learn more about the history of Brandon Group.

Milan vide_photo de Mick De Paola
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20 April 2020

Lockdown: an opportunity to define the strategy of development of its business

During a period of normal operating activity, entrepreneurs are caught up by the everyday company requirements.

Confinement_L'équipe de Brandon Valorisation reste disponible
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18 March 2020

Lockdown: description of the current situation

Dear clients and partners,   Our team’s and clients’ security and health are our top priority.   Therefore, in accordance with government guidelines, Brandon Valorisation’s […]

Our client's place
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24 January 2020

A new year at your service

2019 saw a wealth of projects taking off for Brandon Valorisation.

Valoriser une société - Brandon Valorisation
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16 January 2020

Estimate the value of a company: book value and intangible assets

The valuation of a company is often a sensitive issue in the event of a capital transaction (fundraising, equity investment, redemption of the shares held […]

Drapeau Picardie
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31 October 2019

Brandon Valorisation has opened a new office in the Hauts-de-France Region

With a new office in Amiens, Brandon Valorisation reinforces its presence on the national territory.

Pepite d'or
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26 September 2019

At last! The financial valuation of intangible assets

The French Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE), under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, decided to engage in […]

valorisation des savoir-faire
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28 June 2019

Why making an assessment of intangible assets?

By Michel Lévy.

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26 April 2019

Groupe Brandon will attend a legal conference upon Fashion, Luxury and Design

The next « Assises Juridiques de la Mode, du Luxe et du Design » (legal conference upon Fashion, Luxury and Design) will be hold on June 7th 2019.

Image : Cosmetic Angels
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21 March 2019

Brandon, an expert on valorization for the Cosmetic Angels

On 5 March 2019, Michel Lévy participated in the launch meeting of the Cosmetic Angels.

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13 March 2019

Brandon in Japan!

From 15 to 21 March 2019, Michel Lévy, President of Brandon Valorisation, will visit Japan in order to meet with some Brandon IP’s partners.

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25 January 2019

2018: the year in retrospect

2018 is ending to make room to 2019. It is time to Brandon Valorisation to assess the previous year.

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15 January 2019

Cosmet’up grows

On January 10, Michel Lévy was in Chartres (France) to take part in the first meeting of the Cosmet’up Experts’ Committee.

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7 January 2019

Happy New Year

Brandon valorisation wishes you a happy new year 2019