New partnership with ScoreX SAS

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Publié le 28 February 2024

Contribution Audit.

We continuously aim at completing the range of services of the Brandon Rezac Group; that’s why we are pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with ScoreX SAS, a firm of French chartered accountants, contributions auditor, and auditors.
This partnership was established after several years of regular relations with Mr. Vincent Fayon, founder and partner of ScoreX, in his capacity as contributions auditor, within the framework of our financial valuation studies. With this new close partnership, we can recommend the intervention of Vincent when our client wishes to make a contribution in kind to the capital of his company of one or more of his intellectual property rights, after having carried out a financial valuation study.

Today, we are finally formalizing this partnership, which is part of our intention to offer more and more value-added services to our clients.

Visit ScoreX website:

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