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Laboratoires et Universités
A valuation process

Brandon Valorisation works regularly with actors from laboratories and universities who are also inventors.

This is why we have developed an active valuation process for patents issued from academic research: this is LEONARD ™, a method at the service of applied research.


An agreement to promote research

Thanks to our partnership with Brandon IP, Industrial Property Attorneys, we offer an original industrial property / valuation agreement to public research institutions.

These agreements include:

  • Identification of the patentable and exploitable results of research programs,
  • Protection of the innovations through patent applications,
  • Setting up of license agreements in France and abroad,
  • Or negotiation of the assignment of the patent.


The missions proposed by Brandon Valorisation enable laboratories and universities to have additional revenues from their research work.

Laboratories and Universities

Educational workshops

The firm also organizes interactive sessions on intellectual property and the valuation of intangible assets (patents, models, trademarks, etc.) for students, researchers, incubators and support teams. These are Les Ateliers PépiteTM, a creation of the Brandon Group.


Brandon Valorisation supports the creation of start-ups and / or spin-offs with the assessment of the technical, economic and financial relevance of a business project. We support project leaders in the definition of the business model, the implementation of a protection strategy and the financial valuation of the company prior to fundraising.


Brandon Valorisation’s services meet your specific needs. For more information, see our dedicated pages:


International: Brandon Valorisation and Brandon IP have a worldwide network of active correspondents.


The Brandon Group has a unique offer combining industrial property with economic and financial valorization.

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Laboratories and Universities
Laboratories - Universities

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