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Nos offres de brevets : Lentille à focale variable sans pièce mobile
29 March 2022

Active auto-focus lens without any moving part

Principle:  This invention relies on a high quality liquid crystal lens with variable focal length and an optical axis tilt control, without any moving part.  […]

Dispositif de siège articulé
24 February 2022

Mechanism for articulated seats

Principle: The invention is an innovative mechanism for articulated seats in the field of medical and/or comfort furniture.   The device  allows the user to […]

27 January 2020

iBanr: the innovative multimedia LED screen kakemono, patented

Principle: iBanr is a multimedia screen built as a LED poster display, foldable and easily transportable. The kakemono can be installed thanks to a concertina-like […]

25 January 2019

Membrane based process for fluid separation

Principle: The principle of the invention is to separate the chosen mixture (for instance water/ethanol) into its basic constituent by flowing it through a membrane […]

26 June 2018

Fluoride transparent ceramics

Principle One of our client, a research laboratory has developed an innovative process to prepare transparent fluoride ceramics. This process, using the material CaF2, is […]

22 June 2018

Innovative device for magnetic formula application

Innovative device which enables to apply a magnetic formula, including an applicator and formula with magnetic formula to create an effect on the look of […]

22 June 2018

Device to close product recipients

Innovative device to close product recipients with bead seal for liquid products (i.e. cosmetics) Patent granted in France and several foreign countries.     Back […]

22 June 2018

Process to apply mascara without any contact between the applicator and the eyelashes

A formula-packaging combination allowing the application of mascara without any contact between the applicator and the eyelashes. The applicator produces a bubble of mascara, which […]

22 June 2018

Process for an easier use of cosmetics recipients

Innovative bottle to provide maximum comfort when holding and moving the bottle (nail polish for instance) from one hand to the other, without having to […]

22 June 2018

Process to stabilise a perfume solution

Chemical combination able to protect perfume compositions (eau de toilette, eau de parfum, etc.) from degradation of fragrance and color over time, due to UVA […]