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The principle of the invention is to separate the chosen mixture (for instance water/ethanol) into its basic constituent by flowing it through a membrane semi- permeable to alcohols or alkanes. In the case of water/ethanol, only ethanol is able to flow through the membrane.

The process should operate at a moderate energetical cost.

Image: pictorial representation of the technology

Competitive advantage of the technology and state of the industrial property:

Different techniques exist for water/ethanol separation. But on the contrary to what exists, the process does not require a high energy input through heating, or the addition of supplementary chemicals.


Several advantages:

  • Moderate energetical cost;
  • Relative easiness of setting up a scaled-up apparatus;
  • Requirement of lower pressure compared to reverse osmosis when pure fluids are desired.


This invention is patented worldwide through a PCT application.


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Documents available on request:

  • Non-confidential Presentation
  • Publication related to the patent, published in The Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Additional information about the project available after the signature of a non-disclosure agreement.


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