Backing and opening up of capital

Adossement industriel

Léonard Adossementtm

Establish an industrial & financial partnership with a company to accelerate your development

When a startup looks for ways to market its innovation, or an SME encounters problems related to its development, the industrial and financial backing with a larger company and in a close field of activity can be a strategic and sustainable solution.

Industrial backing allows to, among other things:

  • Strengthen industrial, commercial, human and financial resources
  • Bring additional expertise and know-how
  • Facilitate access to the market
  • Finance its R&D needs and be more innovative
  • Diversify its activity, if both companies have distinct products
  • Have the necessary means for the growth of the company
  • Grow internationally.

To assist our clients in finding a financial and industrial partner internationally, we propose an original service based on a proprietary method: LéonardTM.

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Conduct of the mission:

We define the areas of activity and target countries with you. Our consultants then identify and approach the companies likely to meet the objective of the mission.

We then assist you in the negotiations until the signing of an agreement.

Prior to the opening of the capital, we recommend that you carry out a financial valuation study of the intangible assets (patents and associated know-how, trademarks, models, etc.) of your company.

This study allows you to assess the value of the company in view of an industrial backing through the opening up of capital and to open negotiations on the basis of a well-argued valuation, attested by an ad hoc expert.


In France and abroad, from the strategy to its implementation, Brandon assists you in this process.

Why choose Brandon Valorisation to achieve your backing?

Our firm is guided by over 30 years of experience in supporting business leaders in their innovation project. Our team of consultants cultivates the values of the firm: listening and rigor. These are the qualities appreciated by our customers and partners.


A network: thanks to our associated partner, Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Brandon Valorisation has an international network of peer experts who assist us in identifying companies that may be interested in exploiting under license your product, process or brand.


Confidentiality: Brandon Valorisation is committed to keeping confidential all information received from its customer, If not public on the day of transmission.


Insurance: Brandon Valorisation services are covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance.


The Brandon Group serves start-ups, innovative companies, and project leaders. It is a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial development.

Industrial backing

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