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Take advantage of expert advice in intellectual property for your creations with the Brandon Group.

The Brandon Group: valuation and intellectual property 

Since its foundation in 1991, Brandon Valorisation has a proud history in the field of innovation consulting by supporting hundreds of companies and project holders in their innovation process, especially through the financial and economic valuation of their intellectual property. 


However, experience has shown that having skills in intellectual property is often necessary to support entrepreneurs more effectively and provide them with the best advice for their patents, know-how, trademarks, software and other intangible assets. This is why, in 2003, Brandon Valorisation has joined forces with Brandon IP, formerly Office Blétry, one of the oldest intellectual property law firms in France, founded in 1866.  


This exclusive and original collaboration allows the Brandon Group to offer you a wide range of services dedicated to innovation, from the very beginning of the project to the valuation, exploitation and defense of your creations, worldwide.  This combination of services makes us different. 

Protecting your innovations first 

Because before valuating an invention or literary or artistic creation it is important to protect it, the engineers and legal practitioners that make Brandon IP provide you with the best advice and solutions to meet your needs and help you define your protection strategy: 

How to get the best protection? In which countries is it best to file? Should the patent be extended in other countries or regions? Should an improvement patent be considered to increase the value? Is it relevant to invest in IP in this market? etc. 


These are question which the Brandon Group can answer thanks to its dual expertise in intellectual property and innovation consulting. 


Here are a few services provided by Brandon IP, intellectual property attorneys: 

A precise and fair valuation 

One of the major advantages of collaborating with Brandon IP: the detailed analysis of the intellectual property subject of our valuation studies is carried out by one of Brandon IP’s Industrial Property Attorneys. The situation and strength of the patent or trademark thus assessed precisely and objectively by our experts for a faithful reflection of reality and optimal valuation. 

See our Financial valuation studies.

A network of international experts 

Brandon IP has a wide network of foreign associates in all parts of the world, selected for their seriousness and expertise. 


These associates are regularly asked to contribute to our missions of diversification of activities by the acquisition of the rights to use innovative patented technologies. 


Brandon IP is also a member of several professional associations such as FICPI (International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys), INTA (International Trademark Association), AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) or the APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association). 


Because we consider that the key purpose of patents, trademarks, software and other intangible assets is to create value for the company, we can meet the needs and address the strategic concerns of our clients thanks to this partnership. There is no value without a relevant intellectual property and intellectual property is an important value of your company. 

These two activities are directly complementary and, according to us, perfectly indivisible.  


These are the values which guide the Brandon Group. 


Services Brandon IP
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