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Estimate the value of your website, the showcase of your brand and business.

Do you own a website (showcase site, e-commerce website, blog…) or an application and you wish to know its value and potential? You must know that, as well as a patent, a trademark, a software or know-how, a website is an intangible asset which can be evaluated.


There are many criteria that are involved in the financial valuation of a website and its value will depend on, among others, its content, its number of visitors, the income it generates and its growth potential in the short and medium term.


A website, when valuated by an expert firm such as Brandon Valorisation, can be reassuring for your investors, customers and partners. Indeed, if well estimated at an objective value, your website increases the value of your company.


Find out below how Brandon Valorisation can support you in your process of promoting your website.


Why asking for a financial valuation study of your website?

Several reasons can motivate a valuation study of a website:

  • Its acquisition or sale;
  • A contribution in kind to the capital of a company;
  • The transfer of the company that owns this website.


To put a value on your website, we observe, among other things:

  • The market addressed by the website and its main competitors.
  • The intellectual property rights, in collaboration with our partner, Brandon IP. Is the source code protected? What are the domain names associated with this internet site?
  • Its content and its quality, its ease of use, the frequency of updating…
  • The performance of the website and its evolution: the referencing, number of visitors, conversion rate, traffic source, number and quality of referrals (other websites that point to the studied site) are some criteria that can be taken into account for the purpose of the financial valuation study.
  • Financial data: all charges applicable to its design or update, but also income resulting from its operation.


From these elements, we can determine the financial valuation of the website, write our report and share our recommendations during a dedicated meeting.


Intermediate meetings are also organized as necessary steps for the accomplishment of the mission. They allow us to talk about the project developments that may have an impact on the valorization, but also about the data and the path taken by our teams.

These intermediate meetings also allow you to follow the progression of our work and make your comments. These discussions are precious. They let the project holder or website owner to be fully integrated in the valuation study. Consequently, the results reflect the value of the assessed website more accurately.


Why can you trust Brandon Valorisation?

A financial valuation study requires the intervention of an independent expert which is responsible and referenced for a long time, such as Brandon Valorisation.

We engage our responsibility in the mission report we send you.


For these studies, we use a proprietary method, recognized and highly appreciated by all actors from the world of innovation, funding agencies and contributions auditors.

We are very proud to have a 100% success rate on these services. Indeed, none of the studies we made has been contested by the auditors who had to analyze them.


Furthermore, the Brandon Valorisation teams work in close collaboration with Brandon IP, an intellectual property consulting firm, to assess the protection afforded to your website.


Our firm’s services are covered by Professional Civil Indemnity insurance.


Brandon Valorisation has developed a financial valuation method for intellectual property rights which is adaptable to your specific needs. For more information, please consult our dedicated pages:

 The Brandon Group has a unique offer that combines industrial property and economic and financial valuation, in France and abroad.


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Financial valuation study

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