Licensing Remuneration or “Royalties”


Brandon Valorisation can assist you in the financial evaluation of royalties / upfront payment, as well as in the negotiation of licensing agreements.

Granting a license for an intellectual property right is undoubtedly a very good way to monetize a patent. We have famous examples of success stories resulting from this strategy. To name but one, the Roland Moréno group with the smartcard technology…

Setting the remuneration level for a license must be justified. The remuneration for a license is made up of a royalty fee, sometimes complemented by an upfront payment, both of which are negotiated on the basis of different criteria, including the quality of the patent, the state of the market and the value of the patent, along the assessment of the associated know-how (if applicable).


To do this, we propose to carry out:

  • A brief valuation study of the patent/software and the associated know-how;
  • The validation of the quality of the patent by a Patent Attorney;
  • The market.


These preliminary steps are necessary to determine the licensing potential for a patent you own. These provisions are also necessary when acquiring exploitation rights if you have a strategy for diversifying your company’s activities.

Taking a wild guess to formulate an offer is not likely to lead to the conclusion of a licensing agreement with an objective valuation.


Whether it is an acquisition or a licensing agreement, the Brandon Rezac group, made up of Brandon IP, Industrial Property Attorney, Rezac Law, Attorneys, and Brandon Valorisation, puts its expertise at your disposal to assist you in these steps.

Licensing as a way to monetize your intellectual property investments

Protecting your inventions, especially through patents, is a cost, sometimes a significant one when it comes to extending the protection in many countries. We believe that this expense should be managed as any investment, that means with a view to profitability.

In addition of the direct exploitation of your inventions by yourself, we offer to evaluate, with you, and then assist you in implementing an indirect exploitation strategy in the selected countries through licensing.


This license can take different forms. First, it can be an exclusive or non-exclusive license. From case to case, it can be a marketing license only, a production and marketing license, or a production license for which the distribution network would be set up and managed by you, the licensor.


It is important to note that the remuneration by way of license differs according to the nature of the license granted.

We work with you to determine the most equitable royalty rate and upfront payment based on your field of activity, and the quality and value of your patent.


Why choose Brandon Valorisation?

Whether you are a start-up, an SME, a large industrial group or a research center, Brandon Valorisation, your partner for the economic and financial valuation of innovation, assists you in the definition of an operation strategy adapted to your needs, to your field of activity and also to the means of your company.

For the international search for licensees, we have a network of more than 200 approved partners worldwide, who help us in setting up license agreements, acquisition or concession of exploitation rights. This is also a service that Brandon Valorisation provides to its clients, whatever their size and field of activity, since 1991.

These missions of research and setting up of license agreements all over the world are part of the numerous services offered by Brandon Valorisation. They include the negotiation prior to the signature of this type of agreement.

Globe monde


This type of mission is based on adapted remuneration scheme, part of which issuccess-based. They take into account the specificities of each company we support.

Among the values of the Brandon Rezac Group, there is also risk sharing!

The economic valuation of your patents and know-how, as well as their protection, is a matter for referenced specialists. Brandon Valorisation, whose missions are covered by professional liability insurance, is at your disposal to assist you in these steps and also in all the services we offer.


To know more, do not hesitate to contact us.


Brandon Rezac, an original offer which combines industrial property, the defense of IP rights and…

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