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Publié le 22 June 2021

Our profession: Innovation Consulting

Brandon Valorisation is a pioneer in the field of innovation consulting. The experience gained during more than 30 years of activity has given us a unique expertise in this profession we helped to create.


It is by constantly and attentively listening to our customers’ needs and questions that we have been able to develop our offer and provide a large range of services perfectly suited to meet the needs of start-ups, SMEs, research laboratories and project holders.


A major development concerns industrial property!

Convinced that the consultant in innovation must master industrial property law, we acquired an IP consulting firm, now known as Brandon IP.

The Brandon Group, innovation consultants, offers both the protection and defense of your intellectual property rights, with Brandon IP, and the economic and financial valuation services for your innovations with Brandon Valorisation. Our field of action extends worldwide, regardless of the field of activity or the location targeted.


Our unique approach to the profession of innovation consulting consists of considering the protection and valuation of innovation as a whole, complementary and inseparable.

Indeed, if the protection of your inventions is a compulsory step, it remains an investment which must from the start be part of an operating strategy and thus a strategy of profitability. We then speak of economic valorization.


A patent, a software, a trademark, a know-how, etc., are intangible assets. Our profession of innovation advisors means supporting you in your strategy of management and financial valuation of these intangible assets, which often constitute an important part of the value of your business project, whether you are a start-up or SME. So, whatever the stage of development of your innovation, our consultants are at your disposal and advise you in your strategy of valorization.


Our approach:

The Brandon Group brings you a unique range of value-added services dedicated to innovation such as:

  • Intellectual property consulting services for your patents, trademarks, software and other assets, with Brandon IP, patent and trademark attorneys:
    • Rights management consulting,
    • Prior art search in the field of your innovation,
    • Patentability study for the invention,
    • Drafting and filing of patent applications.
  • Protection of your inventions,
    • Defense of your rights,
    • Legal action for infringement,
    • Management of annuities
  • Strategy consulting,
    • Assessment of the human, technical and financial resources of the company or the project leader,
    • Proposal for a strategy adapted to the development of your business through innovation.
  • Valuation diagnosis,
    • Recommendations and advice on the best way to promote your invention.
  • Search for licensees,
    • Identification and approach of companies likely to be interested in your innovation,
    • Negotiation and drafting of sale agreement or license agreement.
  • Industrial and financial partnership,
    • Search and identification of quality partners to enable you to develop or market your innovation,
    • Opening-up of the capital to investors,
    • Support in negotiations.
  • Financial valuation of your assets,
    • Study of the target market and the economic elements related to the patent,
    • Estimation of the value of the innovation,
    • Submission of a full evaluation report,
    • Presentation to a contribution auditor in the event of a capital contribution.
  • Diversification of activities,
    • Definition of the business needs,
    • Research and identification of innovative products in line with its capabilities,
    • Approach and negotiations with owners.
  • Project engineering,
    • Support and advice in optimizing the development of your innovative project,
    • Identification of the necessary skills,
    • Structuring an action plan for the realization of a prototype, etc.
  • Market surveys,
    • Assessment of the market potential and identification of its main stakeholders.
    • Determination of the most relevant markets for the protection and commercialization of your innovation.


Member of the ACI (Association des Conseils en Innovation – Association of Innovation Advisors), Michel Lévy, Chairman of Brandon Valorisation, participates in the work of different commissions, in particular for the DGE (French Ministry of Economy and Finances), to better take into account intangible assets in companies’ equity.


This is our value-added conception of our profession of Innovation Consulting.


We will soon inform you of the new services that differentiate the Brandon Group, Innovation Consulting firm, from its competitors, in France and in Europe.


“Never waste time inventing things that customers would not want to buy.”

Thomas Edison / Michel Lévy


Some examples:

Discover below some of the successes encountered by the customers of the Brandon Group:



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