A new partnership with NCLI Conseil

NCLI Conseils
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Publié le 19 September 2022

The Brandon Group is pleased to announce its partnership with NCLI Conseil.

As a specialist in consulting and financial support for businesses since 2016, NCLI Conseil offers a tailor-made financial solution to your growth issues (internal, external, merger, etc.).

With its financial and fiscal expertise, this firm has already successfully supported many companies, start-ups and SMEs in their development strategy.

A consulting mission at NCLI Conseil generally begins with a strategic audit during which the feasibility of your expectations is analyzed by their teams. This audit allows them to offer an adapted service and define a customized action plan.

Expert in financing, the firm has raised more than 50 million euros for its clients over the past 5 years. These funds were mostly private, but NCLI also intervenes to get public funding, in particular from BPIfrance, but also from banks (subsidies, loans, grants…).



Our new partner, NCLI Conseils

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