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Publié le 21 March 2023

Brandon Valorisation innovates and launches the packaged offers. It is the possibility for start-ups, SMEs and other companies to mix all the firm’s services.

How do packaged offers work?

Whether we talk about strategy consulting, financial and/or economic valuation of their company or their innovations, companies have multiple and sometimes simultaneous needs. Brandon Valorisation’s packaged offers meet these expectations.


Now, the Brandon Group invites you to mix several services and bring them together under a single mission mandate. A pack which can include, depending on your needs, a financial valuation study coupled with a research mission for an industrial partner, or a financial valuation of your company coupled with a search for a buyer etc.


Depending on the needs or your company, the services offered by Brandon Valorisation can be handled jointly within the frameword of these packs.


Packaged offers are also applicable to some of the services offered by our partner Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Who are the packaged offers for?

Whether it is in relation with patents, software, know-how, trademarks, or any other intellectual property right, packaged offers are intended for startups, SMEs, project leaders, and more generally for any growing enterprise.

What are the advantages of packaged offers?

  • A reduced cost: if you mandate Brandon to realize several missions, you can benefit from preferential pricing.
  • The realization time is reduced: the missions are launched simultaneouslty, the consequence is a faster completion of your projects.
  • Adapted and expert support: the consultants involved know your whole company. For example, Brandon will be able to defend the valuation of your company in the event of a search for a partner or investor.
  • Flexible services: depending on your needs, you can select the services that best suit your strategy among the Group’s services.


To know more about packaged offers, go to the dedicated page.

How to apply for it?

To subscribe to packaged offers, there is nothing simpler. Contact us via our contact form or by email at, or by phone at +33 (0)1 44 54 11 30.


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Learn more about Brandon Valorisation

Since 1991, Brandon Valorisation has accompanied nearly 400 companies in their development through innovation. With our partner Brandon IP, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, we advise our clients to obtain the greatest possible benefit from their patents, trademarks, software, and contribute to their growth.


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To find out more about Brandon IP’s services, consult their website:

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