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Publié le 21 October 2022

Having took over the head of our partner Office BLETRY in 2003, Anne and Michel Lévy have endeavored to maintain and promote the notoriety of this IP law firm created in 1866 by the Blétry Brothers. Alphonse and Constant Blétry graduated from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and later became intellectual property attorneys (CPI), largely contributing to the establishment of the rules and codes of conduct still in force today in France. They wrote many books on industrial property which still constitute a reference literature for the profession of Intellectual Property Attorneys.  

Their successors, mostly belonging to the Blétry family, developed the business throughout the whole 20th century. 

The Brandon Group, which brings together industrial property consulting and the business of consulting in the economic and financial valuation of innovation, is proud to maintain the legacy of this historic firm now known as Brandon IP. It illustrates the knowledge and durability of the work created by its founders and continued by Anne, Michel and their teams. 


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