Traffic on our website: thank you!

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Publié le 4 January 2021

You have been more than 8,000 to visit our website in 2020 and there are more and more new visitors coming every day.


We therefore wish to thank you for the interest you have shown in us. We hope our website meets your expectations and that you find, in the information we publish regularly, the keys to better understand the ways of economic and financial valuation of intellectual property and, more generally, of your innovations.


Our teams work on the steady supply of new content which, through their originality, aims at sharing our passion for the world of innovation, in France and abroad.


If our values are based on the listening and responsiveness, please know that it is through your questions that we are constantly improving the quality and adequacy of our services with your needs.


All that remains for us is to wish you happy holidays, a happy new year and above all, take care of yourself!


Thank You