23 March 2022

The countries with the largest proportion of women cited as inventors

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. On this occasion, we examined this month the countries with the largest proportion of women […]

US6293874_Appareil pour donner des coups de pieds aux fesses de lutilisateur_Brandon Valorisation conseils en innovation Paris France
22 March 2022

Absurd or quirky patents: Brandon’s selection

Brandon’s team has selected a some patents found to be funny. Enjoy the discoveries!

3 February 2022

The best innovations of the year 2021

Discover our selection of innovations in 2021.

31 January 2022

The inventions imagined for the space exploration that we find in our daily lives

In this article, Brandon Valorisation presents some inventions you probably use, but they were originally developed for space exploration. We wish you a nice discovery!

Innovations dans le handisport
8 December 2021

Innovations in parasports

Brandon Valorisation has decided to dedicate this month an article on innovations aimed at facilitating and promoting the practice of sport for disabled people.

Les entreprises tournées vers l'innovation malgré la crise
8 July 2021

Companies still focused on innovation despite the crisis

According to a survey of 480 French, British and Spanish companies, the CEOs want to continue their investment in innovation and R&D despite the coronavirus […]

Notre sélection d'innovations pour l'été 2021
7 July 2021

Our selection of innovations for the summer 2021

Discover Brandon Valorisation’s selection of innovations for the summer 2021.

Le jet d'eau du lac à Genève
1 June 2021

Focus on Switzerland, the most innovative country in the world

According to WIPO's Global Innovation Index, Switzerland leads the most innovative countries 2020 ranking.

Vignette 2 Brandon Valorisation
26 May 2021

Does intellectual property apply to SME and start-ups?

By Anne Lévy, Patent & Trademark Attorney

Vignette 2 Brandon Valorisation
25 May 2021

Collaborative development of products and services: innovate better thanks to partnerships

A few weeks ago, Brandon Valorisation explained in an article how an SME could diversify its activity by licensing innovative products. This month, we emphasize […]

Image de Margaret Hamilton
23 April 2021

Margaret Hamilton, the woman who gave the moon to Mankind.

Very few of us may know that a woman, Margaret Hamilton, has played a decisive role in the adventure that led a man to make his “one small step” on the Moon in 1969. We make here her portrait.

15 February 2021

Brexit: what are the consequences for innovation and intellectual property?

We were all in such a hurry to see 2020 end  that we on the Continent barely noticed this historical event: December 31 also marked […]

Frugalpac-La bouteille en papier-BRANDON VALORISATION et les innovations marquantes en 2020
2 February 2021

The most remarkable innovations of 2020

Discover our selection of the most striking innovations of 2020.

9 December 2020

Business valuation: interest and methods

In this article, Brandon Valorisation talks about the different methods that exist to value a company.

29 September 2020

From invention to achievement: André Citroën and the Yellow Expedition

André Citroën, pioneer of the automotive industry, was also a master of communication. This he demonstrates by imagining the Yellow Expedition in 1931, an automobile rally to link Beirut to Beijing.

Montage logos marques
16 September 2020

At the origin of brands in France

Trademarks appeared long before the first legislation on intellectual property. Take a trip back in time with us through the history of trademarks in France.

Illustration_8 femmes qui ont changé notre quotidien
9 July 2020

8 women who have changed our day-to-day lives

While women have also contributed to shape the world as we know it, they have often been forgotten in the history books. In this article, Brandon Valorisation wishes to highlight 8 talented women who have changed our daily lives. You will no longer be able to use these inventions without a thought to them.

Illustration-Osez entreprendre à 50 ans
9 July 2020

Dare to become an entrepreneur at 50

Is 50 years an age to launch a business? Many of us are asking the question, perhaps thinking that chances of success are lower. But this is not true! Let’s get a look at the figures.

Vignette 2 Brandon Valorisation
10 June 2020

$190 million raised for Contentsquare

The French start-up Contentsquare, specialized in the analysis of the behavior of Internet users on mobile applications and websites, raised 190 million dollars. Now valued […]

Illustration covid 19
5 June 2020

Coronavirus: when epidemics foster innovation

The epidemic that is affecting us will certainly mark the history and we hope it will be less by its gravity than by the changes it will bring to our societies. Innovations are already flourishing to help all of us.

Évadez-vous en Islande
29 April 2020

Let yourself be tempted by a trip… in Iceland!

Like us, you are probably confined into your home for several weeks. To allow you to travel, we have chosen to talk about Iceland. So let yourself be tempted by this expedition and come with us!

Les innovations 2019_Brandon Valorisation
6 February 2020

The most remarkable innovations of 2019

Discover our selection of the most striking innovations of 2019.

Vignette 2 Brandon Valorisation
20 December 2019

Dataiku: the new French unicorn

Arrival of Google in Dataiku’s capital After a new fundraising in December 2013, the value of the French start-up increased and passed the billion-dollar bar, […]

Exposition Charlotte Perriand_Brandon_5952
16 December 2019

Charlotte Perriand, the pioneer of design

On 27 October 2019 was celebrated the 20th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Perriand, a great artist, revolutionary of the 20th century interior architecture. Brandon Valorisation looks back on her life.

Intelligence Artificielle
16 December 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI): between the need for support and the necessity to regulate, a challenge for authorities

Artificial Intelligence has been growing for some years and is now appearing in products that we find on the market, but also in public debates.

10 December 2019

Estonia, the perfect destination for start-ups?

With everyday life digitalized in many aspects and an administration focused on simplicity, Estonia seems to be transformed in a real paradise for entrepreneurs. Explanations:

Vignette 2 Brandon Valorisation
23 October 2019

Unicorn Canva valued at 3.2 billion dollars

A new fundraising for Canva: After a new fundraising, the Australian start-up Canva is now valued at 3.2 billion dollars. This unicorn (a word used […]

La contrefaçon, un enjeu pour la PI
22 October 2019

The growth of counterfeiting, an issue for Intellectual Property

It is estimated that approximately 7% of the importations in Europe are counterfeit products. This phenomenon is spreading. No sector is spared.

Tadao Ando 2004
9 October 2019

Tadao Ando, the architect of Light

Brandon Valorisation depicts the life of Tadao Ando, this famous Japanese architect, bold and prolific in the construction of iconic monuments.

Illustration : Leonard de Vinci
12 August 2019

Leonardo da Vinci, this visionary artist

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, a great inventor, artist and pioneer of his time. It is the occasion for Brandon to talk about the productive life of this man.

Unité de méthanisation
7 August 2019

The methanization, a challenge for the future?

In a more and more alarming context about climate change, methanization is booming as a renewable energy generation process.

Map of the world
10 July 2019

10 countries, 10 inventions: discover Brandon Valorisation’s selection

Brandon Valorisation selected 10 inventions from 10 different countries that facilitate our everyday life and/or enable to act for the planet.

9 May 2019

Industrial backing, an alternative to fundraising

Fundraising is on a roll. Yet, it is not the only way for a company to support its development.

23 April 2019

Women and entrepreneurship

In March, Brandon Valorisation spotlights women entrepreneurs. We strongly care about this subject, considering that our business partner, Brandon IP, is headed by a woman!

10 April 2019

Innovations at the Salon de l’agriculture in 2019

The Salon International de l’Agriculture (SIA) was held from 23 February to 3 March 2019, at the same time as the SIMA (Salon International du Machinisme Agricole).

8 April 2019

Innovation in green energies

To this day, one-fifth of the global energy comes from renewable sources and the sector employs 10.3 million people throughout the world.

1 April 2019

Reduction in patent taxation in 2019

Reduction in patent taxation in 2019: an opportunity for the development and valorization of the innovative companies.

Image : Pal-V
18 March 2019

Most remarkable innovations of 2018 for Brandon Valorisation

Brandon Valorisation made a small selection of the most striking innovations of 2018.

12 March 2019

Open innovation and industrial property: the keys to understanding

Open innovation: everybody talks about it, many people purport to do so, but few separate it from other concepts of collaboration and opening of the company.

Image : Thomas Edison
28 February 2019

Thomas Edison: the profile of a brilliant inventor

We could not talk about innovation without mentioning Thomas Edison and his prolific life.

approved-blanc_Brandon Valorisation
31 January 2019

In-kind contribution: definition and modalities

What is a contribution in kind? What is the role of the contribution auditor (in France)? Why mandate a consulting firm?

Image : brevet jouet
28 December 2018

11 patented toys, valorized (or not) which became famous

As we approached the Christmas celebrations and the race against time to find THE toys begins, this article from La Boite Verte identifies the first patented famous toys.

Olympic Games in Paris
9 November 2018

Innovation to improve athletic performances

Because in September we go back to our sports clubs, Brandon Valorisation presents you some innovations in this field.

beach-1845024_1920_Brandon Valorisation
3 July 2018

Drones of any style!

According to a SESAR study, 7 million leisure drones, 415,000 commercial drones and 3,000 military drones are expected in 2050. If several questions may arise, some benefits may be found for their use. Here is a selection of useful, special and sometimes crazy drones.

Canada_Brandon Valorisation
2 July 2018

Country focus: Canada

Ice hockey and basketball, walkie-talkie and phone, electric wheelchair, sonar, pacemaker, plexiglas, garbage bags, alkaline batteries or egg boxes are all inventions that can be attributed to Canadians. This being said, how does Canada position itself within the world economy?

13 June 2018

Public research evolution in France: silly obstacles still remains

On 7 June 2018, the economic newspaper Les Echos published an interview of Mr. Jacques Lewiner in which he noticed a “France of researchers that is evolving” but denounces an “outdated administration”.

6 May 2018

Portugal on the path of growth

With its labor market flexibility, its multi-lingual population and its attractive infrastructures, Portugal currently attracts start-ups as well as the luxury industry and the major actors in aerospace industry.

22 February 2018

South Korea: the 11th economy in the world

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games have started on 8 February. We take this opportunity to focus on the South Korean economy.