Absurd patent of the month: animal ear protectors

Brevet protections d'oreilles pour chien
Absurd patent of the month: n°US4,233,942
Publié le 26 February 2024

Once again, someone has thought about our furry friends with this invention specially designed for dogs. Filed in 1980 by James Williams, this US patent (No. 4,233,942) reveals a new type of ear protection for animals.

What could it be, you may ask? Well, it’s not about protecting your pet from the ambient noise of our cities or from the cold during your winter sports trips. For that, there are for sure other devices (a member of our team recently saw a dog in the snow wearing boots and sunglasses).

Here, it is rather about protecting your pet’s ears when it eats to prevent it from getting dirty (and from later spreading food everywhere by shaking its head). Definitely a much needed invention! As a matter of facts, this patent is specially intended for long-haired animals, those for which searching for food crumbs in their fur would be particularly tiresome (especially if your friend is uncooperative).

Brevet protections d'oreilles pour chien

As shown in the figures of the patent, the device takes the form of a kind of collar with adjustable straps that hold two plastic tubes in which the dog’s ears are slipped before its meal. They ensure that the ears stay backward when the animal bends over to its bowl to eat.

Crafty, isn’t it?

Brevet protections d'oreilles pour chien

More other absurd patents, including the famous dog umbrella, on this page: www.brandon-valorisation.com/en/absurd-or-quirky-patents-brandons-selection/

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