Absurd patent of the month: the breathing greenhouse helmet

Le casque-serre respirant
Publié le 28 June 2022

Many of you reacted very positively to our last article about absurd and quirky patents. We understand that you like these discoveries. That is why we have decided to highlight a strange (or completely absurd) patent in each newsletter. 


Patent of this month: the breathing greenhouse helmet. This helmet, duly patented in the USA (US4605000), is characterized by its ability to host plants within it. It takes the form of a transparent anti-fog dome that completely surrounds the user’s head and the plants are fixed on small shelves. The first question is: what are the plants for? It is obvious: they are supposed to recycle the carbon dioxide present inside the dome (coming from the user’s breathing) and produce oxygen through photosynthesis! Fortunately, there are also filters for ambient air, because although we love plants very much, we doubt that they are sufficient to ensure survival for more than a few minutes. 

Le casque-serre respirant

We let you manage the watering (note that part of the problem is solved on the drawing, thanks to the use of cacti). As for what happens if the user raises his head or looks at the ground, well, we don’t know precisely…  

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