IP News: The right questions to ask yourself before applying for a patent

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Publié le 24 February 2024

When you are an inventor, the question necessarily arises as to whether you need to protect your invention and file a patent or not.

If your invention is patentable, we strongly recommend that you file a patent application to obtain a competitive advantage, protect your business, and generate income from it. However, not all inventions are patentable. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a patent attorney from Brandon IP to ensure that your innovation is patentable.

In this article, Brandon IP identifies the right questions to ask yourself before filing a patent application. Once the patent has been filed with the help of a Patent Attorney, it will be important to implement a strategy of exploitation, directly or through licensing, in order to obtain the best possible return on investment.

Our experts will then be at your disposal to inform you on this subject.

Read the full article here: www.brandon-ip.com/services-en/patents/the-right-questions-to-ask-yourself-before-applying-for-a-patent/

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