Absurd patent of the month: sanitary appliance for birds

Le dispositif sanitaire pour oiseaux
Absurd patent of the month: US 2882858
Publié le 25 January 2023

This month, we hope to entertain you (again) with a new patent application probably aimed at “helping” our friends the animals, or rather their owner.

If you keep birds in your home and take care of them, then you know that maintaining hygiene requires some cleaning time. But if you really don’t like that and are reluctent to do so, the following innovation is for you.


This is an insolite American patent application published in 1959 which is about some kind of bird clothing, particularly a garment “especially adapted to be supported about the crissum of a bird”, including a neck band to help maintain it (see drawings below).

Sanitary appliance for birds

If it looks like a diaper, it’s no accident. According to the inventor, this device would serve to receive our birds’ excremental discharge and is intended to be used when they are left free to fly all over the house, sometimes depositing a few souvenirs of their flight on the floor or over the furniture.

The garment is intended to be light in weight and does not hamper the bird’s movement in any way. It is hard to judge whether it is comfortable or not, unless you ask your parrot. Another subject too little developed in the patent is the frequency of protection replacement, its ease and the level of cooperation of the bird (young parents will understand immediately).


At Brandon, we prefer to let the parakeets drop manure where they want rather than diaper them (it is easy to say since we do not have any bird at the office, only graceful fishes in an aquarium). However, regarding the seagulls on the seashore who are pointing at the heads of tourists, this could be an interesting idea we can propose to the tourist offices.


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