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Publié le 15 January 2019

On January 10, Michel Lévy was in Chartres (France) to take part in the first meeting of the Cosmet’up Experts’ Committee.

Cosmet’up is a platform of support for start-up companies of the cosmetics and fragrances industry. This organization is the result of a partnership between Cosmetic Valley, LVMH, SPIN Control and LANGE. It is reinforced by an expert panel which includes Brandon Valorisation. Brandon brings its experience and its support in terms of intellectual property and innovation management and valorization.


Cosmet’up, helps start-ups, SMEs and project holders:

  • Define a strategy and all the development phases of a project;
  • Reduce the time to market of a product;
  • Facilitate access to a fundraising, thanks to the arrival of Cosmetic Angels.


La Bouche Rouge Paris is an example of start-up supported by Cosmet’up and Brandon Valorisation.

The January 10 meeting served to decide on the action plan for 2019 and its calendar.

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