Lockdown: an opportunity to define the strategy of development of its business

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Publié le 20 April 2020

A paradox? No, but a necessity.


During a period of normal operating activity, entrepreneurs are caught up by the everyday company requirements. Whether it is in relation to problems of staff or customer relations, activity input, cash-flow difficulties, etc., managers generally don’t have the time to think about the medium-term strategy of the company.


This time of difficulty may be used to look at its company during a slow period and consider what it could become in the future. More precisely, to assess the provisions or developments that may be put into place to:

  • Ensure a more regular turnover;
  • Get out of a too tightly dependency from its major clients;
  • Restore or ensure a margin level for encouraging development;
  • Diversify its activities through innovation;
  • Innovate internally or by the acquisition of licenses for innovative products.


Brandon Valorisation, specialized in the economic and financial valuation of innovations and companies, more specifically SMEs and start-ups, accompanies its clients in their analysis, reflection, definition and implementation of a strategy compatible with their know-how and human, industrial and financial means. It is our expertise, in partnership with Brandon IP, patent and trademark attorneys.


One example

We are currently accompanying an SME with 20 employees in the field of specialized health services .

The company director shared with us his questions about the continuation of its activities in this mono-service situation, the regulatory constraints, and his observation that his profit rate is insufficient.


We are now working alongside him to understand his professional environment, the specific situation of the company and the options for diversifying that we could advise him, in compatibility with his company.


It is this current period that has led the company director to ask fundamental questions regarding the firm’s future.


If you also would like to use this period to step back and let us know, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here!


Milan vide_photo de Mick De Paola

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