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Develop your project or business by partnering with an industrial or commercial company.

Many start-ups and SMEs hope to find solutions to develop their business though fundraising or borrowing. However, raising funds is not the sole strategy to help the development of a start-up, and it is often insufficient insofar as it does not meet all the needs of these innovative companies.

Indeed, raising funds will not provide all the industrial and commercial means as well as the skills necessary for the development and the commercialization of a product. We know that if the start-up is unable to meet these imperative needs,  the odds of successfully reaching the market are strongly reduced.


In most cases, associating with another company, with the necessary means, the skills and well-known in its market, may be a better solution!

Looking for an industrial or commercial partner

In fact, by opening up the capital to a new partner selected among high-profile industrial companies, you will be able to access to the missing but essential resources for the development of your project: sales and marketing forces, research budget, production unit, presence on the European market… The opening of the capital of your company to a prominent associate will facilitate the growth of your business in a win-win relationship.


This can also be called industrial and financial backing, or search for a partner.

Why to find an associate?

Finding a company to partner with can be useful in several situations, and in particular for:

  • Take advantage of the human, industrial, financial and / or commercial resources held by the partner and essential to the development of the company.
  • Share the technical skills and know-how of your organizations
  • Address new markets in which the associate is already positioned
  • Diversify your activities and offer new products to the market
  • Improve your capacity of innovation thanks to greater financial means to be allocated to research
  • Expand in international markets thanks to an associate already distributed or with a subsidiary in target countries
  • Raise the financial profile of your company in the eyes of your customers, suppliers, but also… your banker!


Several advantages of working with a qualified associate:

  • The decisions are taken jointly
  • The experience can generate new business ideas to develop
  • Risks are shared
  • Etc.

Presentation of the mission:

Our experts support you in all steps of you search for an associate, from the definition of your needs up to the conclusion of a partnership agreement.

First, we work with you to define the areas of activity, target countries and technical know-how that your future partner must have. We list the companies with which you already have contact and those which you find irrelevant, or you rule out to work with.

Then come the phases of identification, qualification and selection of the potential associates, companies likely to meet the objective of the mission in the chosen territory.


Brandon Valorisation leads the discussions and negotiations until a partnership agreement protocol is signed.


During the mission, you regularly receive intermediary progress reports. They summarize the various actions carried out by our consultants, and they are also an opportunity to take stock and possibly consider a redirection of the research.

Before finding an industrial and commercial associate:

In order to facilitate negotiations with the potential future partner, we recommend that you carry out before a financial valuation study of your company. This study will enable you to assess its fair value, since it takes into account both the accounting elements and the intangible assets (trademarks, patents, know-how, etc.) your company holds. This objective and attested valuation will serve as a basis for discussing the opening of the capital and the funds provided by the new associate.


Confidentiality: Brandon Valorisation is committed to keeping strictly confidential all information, if not public on the day of transmission.


Important: Brandon Valorisation’s services are covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance. 


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