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The skills and know-how of Brandon Valorisation, combined with those of Brandon IP, have opened the way to a reciprocal partnership with a firm specializing in the search for financing.

This allows us to offer you assistance in the obtention of funding adapted to your development needs (under the condition to have a French legal entity).


Public funding tools include:

Pass PI, from INPI

The Pass PI is a business support scheme run by INPI (French patent office).

Due to lack of financial resources or lack of information on the issue, intellectual property is often overlooked by the entrepreneur. However, having an IP policy is an essential strategic axis to protect innovations… And in the same time, to increase the value of a company.

The Pass PI allows start-ups, SMEs and other companies to finance at a reduced cost one or more services carried out by an IP expert (lawyer, valuation consultant, intellectual property attorney…). The INPI pays 50% of the cost of a service under certain conditions.

Services eligible for the Pass PI:

  • Patentability / Freedom to operate
  • Patent literature search
  • State of the art
  • French patent application
  • Foreign brand registration
  • Foreign patent application
  • Contract for collaborative R&D and/or technology transfer
  • IP contractual support
  • Financial valuation study of intangible assets
  • Etc.

In association with Brandon IP, Brandon Valorisation is listed as an expert at the INPI for carrying out this type of service.

N.B. Only French legal entities are eligible for this facility.


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Bpifrance, IP Strategy Diagnosis and valuation of intangible assets: Diag PI

The intellectual property strategy diagnosis and valuation of intangible assets offered by Bpifrance aims to support your company in the implementation of a relevant intellectual property strategy . It also allows managers to perform a valuation of their company, including its intangible assets (IP, technical data, know-how, etc.).

Before the entry of investors or the backing of your company, taking into account intangible assets is essential to obtain a fair, objective value of your business.

Diag PI consists of an analysis and consultancy service carried out by an expert in the protection and valuation of IP:

  • State of the project and identification of existing intangible assets, market assessment from the perspective of IP and its issues,
  • Recommendations in the launch of a new project.

The IP strategy and valuation diagnosis is intended for companies whose leaders plan to develop and structure their intangible assets (patents, designs and models, trademarks, software, data) even when the innovation project is only at the concept stage.

These specifications describe the services provided by an expert in the construction and protection of a portfolio of assets, as well as the valuation and exploitation of this portfolio.

Prior to submitting a request for an IP strategy diagnosis and valuation of intangible assets, the expert validates the relevance of such a diagnosis and its adequacy with the specifications defined by Bpifrance.

After this exchange, the expert establishes a commercial proposal which positions the company in its context and explains the issues to be addressed during the Diagnosis.

Brandon IP, Intellectual property attorneys, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation, is referenced as a Bpifrance expert for the realization of this type of service.

NB. Only French legal entities are eligible for this facility.


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The research tax credit (CIR)

The research tax credit (CIR) is a French financial scheme intended for companies, in particular SMEs, start-ups and medium-sized companies, whose innovation strategy is based on research and development (R&D).

The CIR, a national incentive facility, intends to partially reimburse R&D expenses under certain conditions; it also allows companies to include expenses associated to intellectual property protection.


Determined to provide our clients with the broadest services, the Brandon Group is a partner of certain firms specialized in financing services.

NB. Only French legal entities are eligible for this facility.


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The Innovation Tax Credit (CII)

The innovation tax credit (CII) is a fiscal measure put in place by the French government several years ago. This facility is limited to SMEs. Their expenses for the implementation of models, design of prototypes and pilot plants of innovative products are eligible for a 30% tax credit until December 31, 2024.

In the implementation of the CII or CIR, the contractual relationship between innovative companies and their service providers (consultants, experts, organizations and consulting firms) responsible for supporting them in their CIR or CII application is of paramount importance.

Indeed, it is important to ensure that the firm follows the good practices.

Thanks to our partnerships, we can assist you on these matters, both in terms of financing and tax credits.


Whether it includes national or European, public or private funding, these partnerships allow us to inform you and support you in findind funds for innovative companies.


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To date, we have supported more than 350 companies, mainly start-ups and SMEs, in their development and that of their intangible assets. We also intervene for the search and implementation of licensing agreements. Our methods have been developed based on the needs of our clients and supplemented by our experience. The result: differentiated offers and personalized support.

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