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Publié le 1 July 2019

In this month of July, you may already be on vacation or about to leave. And to spend a great summer, there is no better thing than to full up with good news and end a year of “hard work” on a positive note!

In this article, we are identifying 10 recent inventions from all over the world. They are designed to make our life easier and/or with an environmental objective.

These innovations, rewarded or not, will certainly evolve to enter in our everyday lives.


1 – United States: earpieces for a real-time translation Waverly Labs

For two persons that does not speak the same language, is it possible to dialogue in real-time?

The answer is yes, thanks to the wireless Pilot headset created by Waverly Labs. This innovation uses Bluetooth technology and artificial intelligence to process natural language. Today, 15 languages and 42 dialects are available. Experts believe that this invention is perfectible, but nonetheless useful for discussions with a first level of understanding.

To be continued…

More information: www.waverlylabs.com/


2 – Benin: an absorbent for pollutants

GKSORB, from Green Keeper Africa, is a 100% organic fiber, biodegradable, and made using water hyacinth. Its capacity of absorption (up to 17 times its weight) enables this invention to be used as an oil separator or as a cleaning agent for surfaces contaminated with pollutants.

A substantial effect: the production of this innovation calls on the local population. It is therefore an innovation with a strong societal impact!

Video: the demonstration

Information source: http://africaninnovation.org/?persons=dr-fohla-mouftaou


3 – France: a refreshing pavement in Toulouse

For the first time in Europe, Toulouse Métropole and Veolia are testing refreshing pavements. It aims to fight against heatwaves in town thanks to a rainwater reuse system working with evaporation.

Under the pavements, a pipe system enables the stored water to go up, through capillary action, and evaporate, thus lowering temperature.


Sources: www.bulletindescommunes.net/paves-raffaichissants-toulouse/ ; www.ecocites.logement.gouv.fr/ecocite-toulouse-metropole-des-paves-a128.html

paves rafraichissants


4 – Sweden: a credit card to evaluate our carbon footprint

It is commonly said that Sweden is an ecological model. And the invention presented here tends to confirm this. Doconomy, a start-up, will launch this summer its credit card and the free mobile application “DO”, in partnership with Mastercard.

The originality of this application is to assist the user in the evaluation of its carbon footprint by monitoring carbon emissions of each transaction, and consequently empower him and help him to reduce his carbon footprint. It is even possible to fix a limit beyond which transactions will be blocked, or to invest in a project for sustainable development.


More information: https://doconomy.com/


5 – Australia: a 100% solar-powered train

The first 100% solar-powered train in the world was placed in service by the Byron Bay Railroad Company. It is a genuine technological feat!

The ecological balance of this train is positive, this is all the more remarkable given that it generates a surplus of energy that enables to power about twenty households.

This train, covered with photovoltaic panels, travels a distance of 3 km between the city centre and the Byron Bay beach, in Australia. An eco-friendly journey with no traffic jam!


More information: https://byronbaytrain.com.au/

Byron Bay Train


6 – Slovakia: a flying car in a limited series

In a few months, you will be able to book one of the first copies of this flying car (or should we talk of a rolling plane?), created by AeroMobil, for the modest price of € 1.2 million. For that price, you can benefit from a unique design and the promise of a 800 km trip without any limitation in speed nor traffic congestions.

More information: www.lechotouristique.com/article/vivatech-aeromobil-ce-projet-fou-de-voiture-volante



7 – India: a filter to transform fine particles into ink

To print instead of suffocating? Starting out from the observation that fine particles generated by diesel engines look very similar to the carbon black used in laser printers, the Indian start-up Chakr Innovations came up with a new business idea. They are now specialized in picking up the soot generated by industrial power generator and also their resale.

With already 70 machines in operation, the company proves that general interest and profitable business can go together in a country where the air quality in the worst in the world.


For more information:

https://dailygeekshow.com/pollution-transformation-encre/ ; www.lefigaro.fr/sciences/en-inde-une-start-up-transforme-les-particules-fines-en-encre-20190419

Chakr Shield


8 – China: the window cleaner robot

Winbot, created by Ecovacs Robotics, a Chinese company, is an innovative window cleaner robot. In order to function, especially in a vertical position, and fulfill its primary purpose, it is equipped with systems that control adhesion on glazing and with an alarm in case of drop of pressure in the suction pads. A kind of revisited Mr. Clean in an Ethan Hunt version, when scaling the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (for enthusiasts…)!


Information sources: www.leparisien.fr/high-tech/les-innovations-les-plus-etonnantes-du-ces-2019-de-las-vegas-12-01-2019-7987215.php


9 – Tunisia: a diffusor to reduce water consumption in irrigation

Wassim Chahbani (Chahbani Technologies) was part of the 10 nominees for the Innovation Awards for Africa in 2018, thanks to his invention adapted to the climate change. Indeed, his buried diffusor enables to reduce the water consumption during irrigation, thanks to a targeted dissemination. Economies are up to 70% higher against an already economical drip system. This benefit helps the country to safeguard the water resources and the farmers to economize.


More information: www.tekiano.com/2018/11/14/lagronome-tunisien-wassim-chahbani-parmi-les-10-nomines-au-prix-de-linnovation-pour-lafrique-2018/



10 – Israel: a machine specialized in laundry folding

An Israeli start-up, Foldimate, developed a new machine to fold laundry: this machine can take over an item every 12 seconds and fold both clothes (shirts, tee-shirts and trousers) and towels. Launch is expected this year in the United-States and later in Europe if successful.

For more information: www.leparisien.fr/high-tech/les-innovations-les-plus-etonnantes-du-ces-2019-de-las-vegas-12-01-2019-7987215.php


We want to thank Juliette, our one-day trainee, for her help in writing this article.

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