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Publié le 3 July 2018

Ice hockey and basketball, walkie-talkie and phone, electric wheelchair, sonar, pacemaker, plexiglas, garbage bags, alkaline batteries or egg boxes are all inventions that can be attributed to Canadians. This being said, how does Canada position itself within the world economy?


At the end of 2018, the country should be ranking in the 10th place in terms of GDP, behind Italy and ahead of South Korea. In 2017, Canadian economical growth was 3.1%, following two difficult years due to oil crisis. At the end of 2018, the economy should be stabilized at around 2.2%.

The country has indeed considerable natural resources, a skilled labor force and a stable political and economical environment.

Foreign trade

In terms of international trade, the United States is dominating commercial transactions. The US indeed accounts for more than 50% of the Canadian imports and exceed three quarters of its exports. It is followed by China and Mexico. The European Union represents less than 1% of the trade with Canada. Thus, it is not the best partner for members countries, except for United Kingdom.


The three first products for import in Canada are cars (17% of the total purchases), industrial equipment (15%) and computing and electrical equipment (13%).

The country imports very few fragrances and cosmetics, agricultural products or pharmaceuticals. Similarly, as Canada is the 4th country in the aircraft industry, it does not often buy these products (2% of total purchases, whose 60% come from the United States).

French exports to Canada are agricultural food products for more than 20%, among which three quarters are beverages, primarily wine. France is on the wine market alternating with USA and followed by Italy as the first supplier.

Innovation and IP

In terms of innovation, Canada is ranked in the 22nd place in Bloomberg classification. The country is a member of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) for patents and is also a member of the UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) for plant products. It should become a member of the Madrid Protocol for trademarks next year.

For further information

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