Unicorn Canva valued at 3.2 billion dollars

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Publié le 22 October 2019

A new fundraising for Canva:

After a new fundraising, the Australian start-up Canva is now valued at 3.2 billion dollars.

This unicorn (a word used to name start-up that are valued at over $1 billion) benefited from a $85 million investment from Bond, Mary Meeker’s investment company. Since the creation of the company, there were other fundraisings for almost 250 million dollars.


About Canva:

Canva is a graphic design platform founded in 2012 and used by more than 20 million users from more than 190 countries. This platform is handy for creating visuals such as logos, posters, infographics, presentations, CV… Thanks to this latest fundraising, the company will be able to accelerate the recruitments and launch a new offer for business customers.

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