Thomas Edison: the profile of a brilliant inventor

Image : Thomas Edison
Publié le 28 February 2019

We could not talk about innovation without mentioning Thomas Edison and his prolific life. Indeed, the man filed no fewer than 1,000 patents. He is regarded as one of the greatest inventors of all time.


Born in 1847 in Ohio, Thomas Edison was a curious boy who developed a passion for literature and science at an early age. Despite the difficulties he encountered (he dropped out of school very young and became deaf following scarlet fever at the age of 13), he did keep up and bounce back.

Two year after having obtained a position of telegraph operator, he created a telegraph capable of passing two messages in opposite directions simultaneously on the same cable and filed his first patent. With money he obtained, Thomas Edison invested in an industrial laboratory.

From that day, an invention succeeded another: phonograph, electric light bulb, public lighting, kinetoscope, cinema studio, power plant, electric chair… Edison’s work covers a wide range of areas and revolutionize our world. So much so that everybody still knows his name today.


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Thomas Edison